Thursday, November 12, 2009

sleep deprived.

On the other hand, Portland is all I could ever wish for, and more. The last few days I have seen more vintage stores than ever before in one city, and ate more amazing vegan food than ever before, I now know why Portland is the vegetarian capital of the US! I also found an incredible fabric store, of course, right next to a fabulous yarn store, and even better, right down the street from a cute little craft store, that just happened to have all my favorite scrap booking products, and papers. Oh yes.

"Mucki" by, Rudi Hurzlmeier.

My calendar is still up for sale in my Etsy shop, so head over there if you are interested! They make great gifts! :)

I was asked to do a tutorial on my water color technique, and I am dying to paint right now! I am also out of town, and 3000 miles away from my brushes and paint. I will however try to squeeze one in between working and packing when I get back to Maine! :)

I hope you are all staying warm. I'm craving some hot apple cider!



Danielle said...

My hubby's band has gone through Portland so many times, but I've yet to visit! I definitely need to, it sounds so lovely.

Happy moving <3

Anonymous said...

puha sikke en køretur !!
jeg håber i finder et sted at bo hurtigst muligt :)
god helg! :)

Neen and Mike said...

I am so so jealous of you. Portland is the most amazing place. I visited from New Zealand late last year. Promise me you'll go to Voodoo doughnut and Powells books and the saturday markets are so awesome... sigh... would take me a lot more than 45 hours to move there but man if I could do it I would.

Sarah Arezo said...

gleeede meg te å komma på besøg <3

Melissa Mann said...

wow! hope the move goes ok!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

hey hey!I live in Nebraska (it's good you slept there, its lame anyway, lol)
Have fun in Portland, we've alllllways wanted to visit there and once we move back to Vancouver next year*fingerscrossed*, we will be muchcloser!
Sarah M

Audie said...

Welcome to Portland!!

e said...

Portland is an amazing city, I think you will love it there. There are so many creative people and great music that runs through - I always thought of it as a little oasis in the middle of nowhere.

The houses are adorable - I had a lot of friends that lived in SE but, when I lived there I lived in NE right off Weidler. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

YOu have some really great things for sale in your Etsy shop and your calendar is wonderful.
You would sell a lot more if you adjusted your prices. Ask others what they would be willing to pay for certain items and price accordingly! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I hope you find the perfect living space. Let me know if you need help packing and loading the truck when you get back. Maybe I can get you a going away coffee gift or something? Enjoy the trip!

artistik1979 said...

Happy moving! :)
and good luck!

Dorian said...

Hi I'm a new follower. I thought moving from California to Northern Washington was a big move but you're def doing it BIG. Good luck and I hope everything goes smoothly.