Thursday, April 14, 2011

If it's still raining.

Am I allowed to keep knitting? Spring has definitely not arrived in Portland. Two days of sunshine here and there doesn't count when there are endless days of rain. Yesterday we even had a hail storm. Lovely.

Sometimes I wonder, and worry that Spring, and Summer, will never happen. Then I remember last year. It is totally worth the wait. Meanwhile, I'll be knitting. Hey, it's mid-April, knitting hats seem totally appropriate, right?

I am currently working on a dinosaur inspired hat for Clark, Spencers nephew. I feel like I'm pretty good at knitting, but there is something about knitting a hat that is ever so difficult for some reason. Throw me a sweater pattern, and I'll have that thing finished in no time. Am I the only one struggling with hat patterns?
With that said, the hat is way too big at this point, so I'm probably gonna end up starting over, oh well.

I made a crochet baby blanket for my nephew awhile back, I posted some iphone pictures of it in my last post, but here are some actual camera photos.

I've also been busy making gifts for some pretty special ladies. I made a fabric, knitting needle/paintbrush roll for both my mom, and Spencers mom.

If you are interested in seeing what I've been painting lately, check out my other blog.
I hope Spring made it's way to wherever you are.

<3 S.


alicia said...

it's been endless days of rain in eastern PA too. gross.

i always love the fabrics you choose for your projects - so happy you're back! <3

knitsta said...

I'm still knitting and it was 20 degrees the other day! I'm making a lovely 1930's shrug. I agree about hats sometimes they turn out completely different to what you imagine, good luck. nice to see you back:)

Letty said...

I plan to knit in summer, too. I've start knitting some months ago and it takes a while finishing one piece.
The rolls are awesome and so useful. If i have some more needles, i should sew one roll.
The wether in germany is contrary, hopefully the sun will stay a while. It's no fun planing summer clothes for my sewing list while it's raining :(

eléna said...

cool that you can knit! I once tried to learn it but I failed big time haha:D just not patient enough or sth..

Amy said...

Girl,I knit and crochet year round!
It's awesome to have pieces finished and ready to wear on the first cold day!

Lena said...

Så fine gaver!
Er det en oppskrift du har brukt på de strikkepinne-rullene? Kanskje jeg prøver meg på en slik til bestemor :)