Sunday, July 11, 2010

Betty Bo, I love you so.

Meet my latest obsession, Betty Bo.

That's right, I got a car, finally! After what seemed like forever, searching craigslist up and down, I came across this beauty. She's a 1980 El Camino, and she's the prettiest color teal ever. Of course she matches my bike, Dita.

I showed up at work today really early, so I took some photos to share. I work at the cutest tattoo shop ever, after all, I mean, it's only fair that you guys get to see where I spend my days. <3

I also got new business cards made, cute!

If you're ever in Portland, come get tattooed, look at pretty jewelery and tasty jam, or just stop by to say hi :)

I had the pleasure to tattoo 3 lovely ladies yesterday, visiting from Seattle. One of them got this done, fun!

My friend Corey is on tour again and spent a day in Portland, so we got to hangout. 

I'm hoping to find some time and inspiration to do something creative the next two days, it has really been too long!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

life as of late.

It's been incredibly hot here in Portland the last few days, somehow it got up in the 100's and I am so not used to this kind of weather anymore.
We left work early yesterday to lay out in the sun, girls, food, beverages. Awesome.

It's been an interesting last 4 weeks, I've been staying at my friend, and boss, Melanies house, and it's definitely a challenge, feeling like you're living out of a box, and not being able to just do as you please. I feel so un-crafty, at least I am knitting. Yeah, I am totally working on a pair of socks in this ridiculous heat. How appropriate.
I'll be getting a house in the beginning of September, with some amazing people, so I'm just crashing till then, and counting down the days. Literally. The pets are going crazy, I am going crazy, but at the end of the day, I shouldn't really complain. It could be worse, a lot worse.

I spent the 4th surrounded by wonderful people, ate good food, watched a pretty incredible hula hoop showdown, and ended the evening by watching fireworks from the burnside bridge.

It turned out to be a pretty epic night. Which is cool, as it was the very first time I celebrated 4th of July. Other than that I have just been hanging out and tattooing. Life is pretty good, and it can only get better. I do apologize for the lack of creativity around here. I promise, once I am back in a house, with all my things unpacked. I will have some cute stuff to show!! <3

Once I can actually locate the charger for my camera, I promise I will have actual pictures to share, not just iphone photos.

Hope you all had a magical 4th!