Saturday, September 11, 2010


Happy Saturday!
Has fall arrived to wherever you are? It has here. The light changed, the air feels different, knitting is happening, and tea is steeping. It's wonderful.

Who else is excited about the release of Interpols latest album? I obsessively listened to "lights" on repeat when they released the song early. So good. I'm more than thrilled with the new album. I'm driving to San Fransisco in October to see them play in Oakland on October 18th. SO excited. Are any of you going to that show, or any of their other shows this tour?
I will most likely be staying at a hotel while I am there, any good recommendations for somewhat decent, inexpensive hotels downtown. My friend Brandon and I will be bringing our bikes, and plan on getting around that way most of the time while we are there. Fun! All other recommendations for things to see, or do, and places to eat are also greatly appreciated! <3

It has been a good week. Much less stressful than the last. Kirsten and I proudly spent all of Sunday on our orange couches watching movies, while knitting. We of course played around with power tools and hung bikes first. Never a lazy day at our house. 
It was probably the first day since spring where we took some well needed time off for crafts. It was truly wonderful, and well deserved.

I finished my dads socks, started, and finished some mittens, and CO for some short socks for myself. Yay! 

What are you currently working on?

I've been busy painting this week, I will do an Etsy update here pretty soon with some original paintings, in really pretty vintage frames. I'm excited!

Here is a little sneak peak of what I've been working on,

Speaking of paintings, we did a shop special for Friday the 13th awhile back, where I painted a flash sheet where people could pick small and fun tattoos to get for $13. I was so busy all day, and it was a blast! We did the same thing for our shop anniversary last Friday, $25-$75 tattoos, and the shop was slammed all day. I think we tattooed around 100+ people all together, and I did 26. Fun! I love a busy day at work.

I've done some really fun tattoos lately, some craft related, some food related, and some nautical themed ones.

Audra Mae and Joe Ginsberg stopped by the shop on their way through Portland, and I tattooed the cutest little elf family on Joes leg.

I will promise I'll post a picture of the finished tattoo, it's really cute! <3 Kirsten and I watched Audra and Joe play at Aladdin last night, it was truly magical. If you Haven't checked her out yet, make sure you do. Her voice is incredible. 

I've been making soap lately, and our house smells of delicious strawberries. Yum! The soaps will be up for sale it my Etsy shop here pretty soon, so make sure to grab them while they are fresh :)

I hope you all are having a magical Saturday <3


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a place to call home

We finished up unpacking the very last boxes yesterday, and I finally got around to taking some real photos of our adorable home, enjoy!

The house is in North Portland, it's a 5 bedroom, two bath, however we turned the master into an arts and craft space. We're looking for a temporary 4th roomate, are you cute, and wanna live in an adorable house with 3 super fun, crafty girls? Send me an email!

So this is our home, minus the other girls bedrooms, and our retro 70's basement movie room. Soon to come!

I've been busy painting for work, and for fun, and I brought some of the gocco screen prints back for fall, they are up for sale in my Etsy shop <3

A scratchy and sore throat snuck up on me last night, and It's no better this morning, any helpful old remedies to get rid of it?

I'll be back with photos of paintings later this week, also some exciting news, and more fun pictures.

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! <3

Monday, September 6, 2010

fall is (almost) here!

It's been an incredible summer, one of the busiest for sure! I moved 3 times, went to the Oregon coast, made new friends, got tattooed, packed, and unpacked, cooked delicious food, spent a day at the river and explored.

Due to being incredibly busy, and not having had a chance to blog for weeks, I now have a boat load of pictures to blog about. We are still getting settled, and organized, so I will share more once everything is out of boxes, bikes are out of the way, and our home looks just the way we want it to look.

Our cute neighbors brought us cupcakes, Kirsten and I scored that one-armed rocking chair for free on the side of the road, and I painted it teal to surprise her when she came back from a hot week in Texas. Cute!

I now live with my wonderful co-worker, and best friend, Kirsten and her adorable cousin, Kari. They are such incredible roomates, and I am looking forward to many, many family dinners and craft nights <3

We've found some real treasures on craigslist, on the side of the road and at yard sales the last couple of weeks, including orange couches, pictured above,  to go with our retro 70's inspired basement movie room, retro wooden box TV, incredible 9 drawer dresser and gold mirror for my bedroom. A desk for the craft room and a cute vintage coffee table. And the cutest handmade vintage dress, made to fit perfectly, for only $1.50, what a steal. Portland is amazing for thrifting and recycling. 

Portland is also beautiful, and full of eye candy.

In between unpacking and organizing I found some time to scrapbook, so fun! Our dearest friend Emily, who was Kirstens roomate during summer, moved back to Chicago. She will be greatly missed. Fingers crossed she will move back and be our 4th roomate sometime in the future, hopefully soon. <3

In fear of picture overload, I will be back on Tuesday with photos from the river, our shop anniversary party and other cute summer happenings.
I made another batch of cute gocco prints, and soaps, and much more to share also.

Hope your summer treated you well <3