Saturday, September 11, 2010


Happy Saturday!
Has fall arrived to wherever you are? It has here. The light changed, the air feels different, knitting is happening, and tea is steeping. It's wonderful.

Who else is excited about the release of Interpols latest album? I obsessively listened to "lights" on repeat when they released the song early. So good. I'm more than thrilled with the new album. I'm driving to San Fransisco in October to see them play in Oakland on October 18th. SO excited. Are any of you going to that show, or any of their other shows this tour?
I will most likely be staying at a hotel while I am there, any good recommendations for somewhat decent, inexpensive hotels downtown. My friend Brandon and I will be bringing our bikes, and plan on getting around that way most of the time while we are there. Fun! All other recommendations for things to see, or do, and places to eat are also greatly appreciated! <3

It has been a good week. Much less stressful than the last. Kirsten and I proudly spent all of Sunday on our orange couches watching movies, while knitting. We of course played around with power tools and hung bikes first. Never a lazy day at our house. 
It was probably the first day since spring where we took some well needed time off for crafts. It was truly wonderful, and well deserved.

I finished my dads socks, started, and finished some mittens, and CO for some short socks for myself. Yay! 

What are you currently working on?

I've been busy painting this week, I will do an Etsy update here pretty soon with some original paintings, in really pretty vintage frames. I'm excited!

Here is a little sneak peak of what I've been working on,

Speaking of paintings, we did a shop special for Friday the 13th awhile back, where I painted a flash sheet where people could pick small and fun tattoos to get for $13. I was so busy all day, and it was a blast! We did the same thing for our shop anniversary last Friday, $25-$75 tattoos, and the shop was slammed all day. I think we tattooed around 100+ people all together, and I did 26. Fun! I love a busy day at work.

I've done some really fun tattoos lately, some craft related, some food related, and some nautical themed ones.

Audra Mae and Joe Ginsberg stopped by the shop on their way through Portland, and I tattooed the cutest little elf family on Joes leg.

I will promise I'll post a picture of the finished tattoo, it's really cute! <3 Kirsten and I watched Audra and Joe play at Aladdin last night, it was truly magical. If you Haven't checked her out yet, make sure you do. Her voice is incredible. 

I've been making soap lately, and our house smells of delicious strawberries. Yum! The soaps will be up for sale it my Etsy shop here pretty soon, so make sure to grab them while they are fresh :)

I hope you all are having a magical Saturday <3



Jacqueline said...

I cannot explain how happy I am that you're back to blogging! :))) I hope your Saturday is wonderful as well. :)

Love and Turtledoves,

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

i adore you! are there any good crocheting patterns of socks? or will i just have to learn how to knit? any helpful tips?

Lois said...

love your tattoo work and interpol!

Brandi said...

I just started following your blog and I love it! I have to get my hands on the skull and cross bones soap.

Lacey said...

I LOVE the new Interpol album. I can't stop listening to it! I'm going to the Dallas show in Oct. I think it's been over 4 years since I've seen them play.

danamite said...

the break from your blog made me realize how much your blog is a huge inspiration for me! I missed you! And your lady power house of doing stuff is inspiring me to get out there and make some new girlfriends in my new town - I want knitting buddies! xo

Bee. said...

i love the look of those soaps & those tattoos all look so beautiful! nice to have you back.

* said...

Sweet tattoo work you have going on there. I can see dozens I like or would want to add to my collection.

I am deaf and would enjoy having you work on a deaf related piece for me, but you are so far away.

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday!!

Gorgeous blog! Beautiful photos!

Your blog makes me smile - thank you for entering my little life :o)

H xxxx

MissAlyssaDawn said...

i love the savor tattoo!!

Lauren said...

huge fan and I'd love for you to check out MY blog at
:) <3


Notes from the Republic said...
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Notes from the Republic said...

LURVE Audra Mae... her song Happiest Lamb? <3. Did you know that Judy Garland.. THE Judy.. DOROTHY... is her great aunt? FACT!

Also, your home is absolutely adorable.