Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We finally had  (almost) a whole entire day with sunshine here in Portland. My friend Sarah and I spent most of the day at the dog park, with our cuties, Wartooth and Cupcake-Ramone.

Spencer and I went thrift shopping last Saturday, and I scored the cutest vintage mod dress, and a rad vintage globe. I'll be back with a better photo of the dress later.

I finished that baby hat I had started in my last blog update, of course it ended up being waaay too big. It actually fits my head. Yeah, cool. So I started over, and it looks to be right this time. It just looks like a half finished green beanie now, but I can't wait to get to the dinosaur part of the hat, the spikes, it's gonna look cute! I promise I'll post pictures before I ship it out.

I hope you all are enjoying sunshine and warm weather! What craft related projects are you currently working on?
<3 S.


Eleni said...

I have dog and globe envy!

Jamie said...

holy crap those dogs are way too cute!!! I can't wait to see the little dinosaur hat!

nova said...

Aw, that picture with the flowers on the dog's back is cute!

Sarah said...

Aww puppies! I can't wait until we get some sun and warm weather over here - I've been dying to take Slayer to the park!

Sereknitty and Purls said...

I've been working on a "potato chip scarf" for my sis being that she is such a badawesome photo taker and did about 400 bucks worth of photos for free!
But I just finished a knitted necklace which is embelished with crocheted flowers and vintage buttons :)

Anxious to see your dino hat!!!

Love seeing the things you create!

Rachele said...

I too enjoyed our one sunny day in Portland :/ Too bad it didn't last longer! I was looking at your portfolio and you do lovely work. I need an owl tattoo one day and might come to you!

Tawnie. said...

I love your little dog! Sooo cute.

Love your blog :)

Sir Saana said...

vow! you are such an inspiration! i love your blog, your art, the photos, vow! you are very talented.


saana (valencia, spain (Finland))

Jessica Austin said...

Aww, those dogs are so cute! I can't wait to see the finished hat. I'm working on Slytherin Pride socks for a friend.