Monday, November 16, 2009

done and done.

After a week of looking at apartments, and house after house, and dealing with some rather strange people, I finally found a place to live. It's in the most perfect area, it's right off Hawthorne so there is tons of cute stores right outside my door. Dangerous!
It's not a house, which I had hoped for, and definitely on the smaller side, but it's such a cute little condo! I love it!

It has rained here almost every day, but I guess that's Oregon winter weather for you, I can't complain. I get to buy cute rain boots, and not freeze to death, or deal with snow. High five!


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I am flying out to Philly at 6am, where I'm get tattooed,  seeing some friends,  gonna eat good food and I'm gonna play with my puppy!. I'm spending Wednesday in Delaware, and then I drive back to Maine Thursday morning. I can't wait to sleep in a bed again! It's definitely been a long week!

My last two days at Johns shop will be Friday and Saturday, then I have a lot of packing to do, and hopefully I can squeeze in some time for crafting. The plan is to drive the 3000 miles out here all over again in a moving truck on Thanksgiving. Sounds like fun, huh? Not so much.

In the end it will all be worth it though <3


15 comments: said...

Philly has such great food.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear all about your move to Portland. Also all the exploring you do in Portland - I've been fascinated by that city as I've heard such good things about it! Let the adventures begin.....! Cathy

shahnnen said...

yay! i've been a long time blog lurker, and i'm positive you'll love portland. i live in portland-- feel free to email if you need a tour guide or need recommendations (beyond what google says ;) oh, there's a great restaurant (swedish even!) close to where your new condo is (i used to live right off of hawthorne)-- it's called broder-- it's on 20th and SE Clinton. mmm, now i'm hungry for abelskivers.
good luck!

jordanpattern said...

I just found your blog (which I love - you make/draw/tattoo the coolest stuff), and I'm wondering if you're going to be tattooing up in Portland? I hope so! Good luck getting settled in!

ashley said...

good luck!


Anonymous said...

Yay. moving to somehwere you love is such a good thing!

Jennifer said...

I've been looking for cute rain boots but can't find ones that are cute and not so expensive... If you do, please share! :)

emalie said...

i love all those rain boots! i love your tattoo style art on etsy. you should do more of that! i need some art like that for my craft room! :)

Beth said...

You always have such cute, inspirational posts =] Thanks for updating!

Punkscrapper said...

Im soooo excited! You are moving to my neck of the woods! Do you think I might actually get to meet you...and perhaps commission you to create a tattoo for me? I would love it!
I think you will adore Portland Oregon, it is a great city!

Lara said...

Hope your move is going well! Seems like SUCH a long way when you come from a little country like me (New Zealand). Anyway, wishing you all the best at your new home :-)

Anonymous said...

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The Evil Banana said...

exciting, good luck!