Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the other Portland.

Lots of new changes, yeah, I feel like I say that quite often nowadays! Anyways, I am moving again, this time to the other Portland. Portland, Oregon.
Maine is beautiful, and the people here are some of the nicest I have ever met.
But I think Portland, Oregon will suit my lifestyle better.

I have mixed feelings about leaving, mostly cause I'll miss working at the shop, and I feel slightly guilty for leaving after everything John did for me in the short time I was here. I can honestly say he is one of the nicest people I have ever met, ever! But I think we will stay friends for a long time, and we have some really good ideas for this super exciting, and secret project we are doing together!

If you are ever in Maine and want a great custom tattoo, you should definitely stop by his shop on Exchange street in Old Port.

I like to think what John said, maybe I came to Maine, just to be inspired, to fall in love with tattooing all over again, and to inspire others might be true.

And with that said I've been working on some fun things the last week. I painted a 2010 calendar, which is now up for sale in my Etsy shop, it will make a great holiday gift! Along with prints of my latest Matryoshka painting!

If you want to see the full calendar, check out my Flickr.

I also finished this years Christmas cards, screen printed with the gocco! I am surprisingly early this year! :)

I am working on a whole series of Matryoshka paintings, I am so excited about it, all I wanna do is paint!

I'm also sharing some cute pictures from the other day, I took the dogs to the park to play. While Otis will play fetch all day long, Cupcake would much rather just lay in my lap. Cute.

John had me listen to this song on his ipod the other day, and it's been stuck on my brain since, so I'm sharing it with you guys too. Hah!


Hope you are all having a great week!



tara a. said...

calendar looks cute! portland has rad vegan donuts.

Dawn said...

I'm finally getting the nerve to ask you about a tattoo. I have a few and am really ready to get a quarter sleeve done. I want a tree but, can't seem to get the local guys to see my vision. Any advice?? I work in a "grown up" enviroment, and only have one visible tat on my arm...trying to keep things above the elbows from now on...any thoughts??? Love the pics, hope the move goes well.

Christy said...

Silje, I'm a blog reader of yours from Australia (found via Elsie). Didn't you just move??? I admire the courage it takes to up and move like you do. My husband and I moved states several years ago, it was such a big deal. Hated the packing part. I hope Oregon suits you better.
Love looking at all of your crafts.

Nikki said...

Portland, OR is close to Seattle! I may have to have you tattoo me and coach me on some Norwegian. :)

Anonymous said...

ja jeg tror også der er en mening med at du skulle komme til portland først og derefter flytte igen :)
Jeg håber I finder et godt sted at flytte hen. Lækker kalender !

Unknown said...

Ohhhh my goodness. I've been a fan of your art and cute style for quite some time, and I'm really excited for you! Do you know why??? Because I live in portland!! It's going to be a perfect fit for you (okay, I know I don't know you, but I feel like I do from reading your blog, so I feel like I can say that). I'm stoked to be living in the same city as an artist I love!! Yay! Just be prepared for lots of rain, get some cute boots and jacket :)

You Have Killed Me said...

elske matryoshkaen <3 du e så flinke! eg ska kjøpa et print av den og når lønnå mi komme rullande inn. dåkk får ha masse lykke te me flytting & alt. håpe dåkke finne ein søte leilighet. ooog, eg gleeede meg te å hørra om den store hemmeligheten :)

ha ein fine dag, babe! <3

Amanda Roper said...

Hooray for all sorts of Portlands! I love that calendar, especially the teapot picture.

Emilie Lynne said...

That song is hilarious!! XD I love Silence of the Lambs :)

lizi said...

hi silje! my husband and i took a road trip this year and portlan, or was one of our stops, it's amazing! we live in southern ca and drove to canada, it was magical! now you'll only be a 1 day drive away so i can finally get a silje tattoo!!! best of luck!

Audie said...

Portland! I think you'll really enjoy it here, I know I do. I'm still getting used to the rain but after 3 years here, I've learned to appreciate it because it makes everything so green! Portland has a lot to offer and there are also a lot of really talented independent artists and we'd be happy to welcome another! Best of luck in your move!

Peter said...

Oooh! Portland OR gitt! Da må du jo bare få deg en bråte med sykler med en gang. Der er de jo mer sykkelgærne enn i hele Belgia til sammen..

Skal flytte selv forresten - til Trondheim. Vi gleder oss stort :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, you're moving! :( Well at least I got to meet you, and you had a good few months here getting inspired again! <3 I wish you the best of luck!

Laura Beth said...

Oh, man! I Love portland, OR. I was just there in July. I try to go at least every couple years. I hope to move there soon as well. Maybe I'll get a tattoo from you someday!

Anonymous said...

I'm born and raised. You will love it. Luckily you are coming from cold so you know what to expect. We're friends on Ravelry. Can't tell you how many great yarn stores are here, artsy people and amazing tattoo shops! I hope you love it like so many others do.
I'm sure you have lots of recommendations but if you want to know some fun places drop me a line.

Anne Sheridan

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the green coat/jacket you are wearing? It's sooooo cute!

london tierney said...

OMG!! You will only be three hours away from me! Seriously excited for you guys...the west coast is lovely and Portland is awesome. A younger version of Seattle you might say!

I got your package and I loved it! Been waiting for some sunshine so I have enough light to photograph but thank you so so so much!

Drive safe!

Kimberly said...

...nothing like the oregon coast, even though I live in dry, flat Texas. Question: would you consider writing about (or directing us to some other tutorials, perhaps) your watercolor technique? I'm bored with acrylics for now, but all the watercolor tuts are like, "Let Us Paint A Sky. Let Us Paint A Mountain." No. LOVES!!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo excited you're moving to my neck of the woods! You'll love the Burnside part of Portland, there's Food Fight, the vegan grocery store, and Sweet Pea, the most delicious vegan bakery around. I'll be looking forward to seeing where you'll be working, I'll be needed a new tattoo artist soon!


Natalia said...

best ever!

I love the post and I love your crafts! hope you don't mind if I follow u!