Wednesday, April 14, 2010

back to reality.

What an incredible weekend!
We started Sunday off with oatmeal and orange juice at the hotel, they also had Texas shaped waffles, then again, everything is shaped like the state of TX, in Texas.
We met up in our talent wear, I was wearing cute short shorts, knee highs, pink converse, and a pink tank top, and you may ask what was my talent? Hula Hooping!
I must admit I have gotten pretty good at it in the short time I have had to practice, but of course I let my nerves get the best of me, and I completely froze, and couldn't do it for very long on stage. It was still fun though, and I smiled and laughed it off. Hah!

As the result of all my hula hooping through the weekend. I swear, I was hula hopping on the bed, on the balcony, on the floor, and well, of course on stage, and it shows!

Sarah had cake decorating as her talent, and she had pre-baked the cutest little cookies, which she decorated with a yellow rose of Texas, a white border, and "miss tattoo" in pink frosting. It was so cute!!

After talent we had to get ready for the pin up portion of the pageant, and the theme was cow girl. So many cute outfits! We got up on stage, posed, smiled and posed again for photos, and done.

Sarah and I walked around for a few hours, got some fresh air, some food, and made new friends. The crowning was at 7, everyone was so nervous. Jennifer did her speech, and it was super emotional.
Emily walked away as 2nd runner up, Mizuz Inkaholic got 1st runner up, and Sarah, of course got crowned Miss Tattoo Dallas. There were also two wild cards, that were given to Keisha and Gina. I am of course bummed I didn't place, but also so Incredible proud, and happy that Sarah won! <3
It was one of the best weekends i have ever had, and I met some amazing people, and made new friends. So fun!

After the crowning we posed for more photos, said goodbye to all the girls, and packed up our stuff. I had an appointment to get tattooed by a new friend, Adrian Evans, so we headed over to his booth. We didn't get started till around 11pm, and by the time we were finished with the shading, we decided to head out with them, and other people from the convention. Fun! 

Adrian and I instantly hit it off when we realized we know the same people, and I am super happy to have made a new friend and found a new tattoo artist that I love! We'll be finishing my arm, and I think I'm gonna have him do my knee also, in a few months! Fun! :) 

It's gonna take a few weeks for the photographer to edit all the photos, but I will share them once they arrive <3

Thanks again for all the support, you guys are incredible <3
I am about to head to work, I have some really fun tattoos scheduled for this week! I'm all smiles :)

Have a lovely day!


AGA said...

for me you look really incredible with all your great tattoos, i would give you 1st place:)


oh,henry! said...

if it means anything to you, i think you should win. you're go-rgeous! and i like your posts about this, i've been reading them since the start. very cool. :)

cArLa said...

i just wanted to say that you're a winner to us... you look so gorgeous! glad you had a tonne of fun!

Consider my dear said...

I'm so very proud of you! You did a great job and looked so very beautiful!

Jennifer Frey said...

Honestly Silje, you are drop dead gorgeous and have such amazing style. These judges are morons!

mandy said...

i love your tattoos!!! you are so gorgeous!!! i've only been to dallas once but didn't get to go out and see the town so i'd love to go back. i have a few tattoos but nothing amazing lol. yours are so inspiring!

Unknown said...

you all look absolutely gorgeous :) I bet it will be an experience to remember. well done to your friend for winning :) love the new ink! x

The Evil Banana said...

i can't believe you didnt win, your so so beautiful and a perfect pin up. Well, i hope you had a wonderful time and such a fun thing to say that you got to do. Congrats on going and having so much fun.

Jenna said...

I agree- I think its insane you didn't win! You are gorgeous and your tattoos are amazing. :) Its been fun to read about your trip, its awesome that you had a great experience. So glad you got to go!

If I ever travel to Portland, I'm definitely booking an appt. with you! :D Take care and have a great day!

Lolo said...

Sounds like a great experience!!
You all seem to be having fun in the photos.

susannahbean said...

Sounds like fun! I love your new tattoo, are you keeping black and grey?


Jacqueline said...

Great job at your pageant! You would have placed if I was a judge ;)

Love and Turtledoves,

Jodie said...

I can't believe you didn't place either! You look absolutely stunning in those photos! as does your friend, im happy she won, but im bummed too that you didnt!
oh well, we all know your the best babe

Ania said...

For en opplevelse for livet! :D Kjipt at du ikke fikk plassering, ut i fra det jeg kan se av bildene synes jeg du burde definitivt vært i teten i det minste! Men - uansett - tøft gjort! :D

abby - the geek girl said...

Wow! That looks like it was so fun! I have a few friends who were at Musink last weekend (I live in Houston). The new tat is great, and I hope you enjoyed your trip to the great state of Texas... (I thought it was really funny you said everything is shaped like Texas here lol, it's true)


emalie said...

I'm so happy that you loved Dallas! A lot of people don't give it a chance and I'm glad you did! You looked gorgeous and I'm happy you had a great time!

jes said...

seeing so may heavily tattooed women makes me want to get tattooed so baldly!!! you look so cute in all the pics!!!

kaelah beauregarde said...

Congratulations to Sarah! And to you for competing! I never would have thought of hula hooping as a talent before now but it truly is! You looked absolutely beautiful! :D


Becky Farley said...

I LOVE that you hula hooped!!!!! You're too cute!! :)

trace said...

hi ya :)

how did u not even place???? seriously HOW???
r they blind????

congrats to sarah tho :}
but really, seriously, how did u not get top spot??


Unknown said...

you looked great! so cute!

strawberrygirl said...

wow looking fabulous girlzzzzzz!!!