Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I feel like I've been slacking on the blog front. Not just with blogging myself, but also keeping up with all your blogs. I'll have to do something about that.

Work is great, I did a super fun tattoo the other day, on a super fun guy. It was all in all a great day. I have some appointments coming up that I am pretty stoked about, so it should be a fun few coming weeks. I've also been painting a lot at work, yesterday I had the day off, but went to Jareds with Kirsten for art night. He has the most amazing house, with the most amazing art, and we listened to some amazing music. It was great. Cupcake tagged along also, for a play date with Jareds little dog, Amelie. Cute.
Endless amounts of white chocolate peanut butter and apples were eaten, yum! What more can one wish for?

I'm currently working on these two paintings, struggling a bit with this first one. I'm keeping it black and gray, but are gonna add some red details to it. Should be pretty fun, other than I am driving myself crazy trying to making it oh so perfect.

I started that painting, but decided to put it aside for now till I finish this one. I feel like I'm having better luck with this one, as it's all color pretty much. Also it's a gift for someone amazing, and a fellow artist so that makes it so much better.

I received a cute little package in the mail last week from sweet Emily. I painted Emilys adorable dog Nieco a few weeks ago, and she sent me the most amazing embroidered piece of art as a thank you.

How perfect and cute is that! I love it so much <3 Thank you Emily, you are such a sweet heart <3

I am off to the art store for some water color paper, and then work. Have a great day!


susannahbean said...

I'm loving both of those paintings!! I think you gave your blogging mojo to me, I've been going crazy the last few days!!!


Notes from the Republic said...

love the flapper! <3

Emily said...

Yay! So happy you like the cross stitch! We love our portrait of Nieco! You are a sweetheart!!!


The Evil Banana said...

so cute, excited to see the finished product.

tiphaniefaith said...

You are soo talented! Wish I lived close enough to get a tattoo at your new studio. Hmmm, maybe a road trip is in order. ;)

Jacqueline said...

I adore your pretty little flappers! They are just so solemn and beautiful.

I hope your week is bright and beautiful!
Love and Turtledoves,

pet carrier said...

You are all an artist .. Congratulations and thank you very much for sharing all this with your readers! you should write more ...