Sunday, January 8, 2012

8 days of 2012

So far 2012 has been great! I woke up, and my hair looked like this; (yikes!)

I had a few really busy days at work, and a very relaxing weekend. Spencer and I are finally back to a normal schedule as far as sleep goes. It was harder than I remember trying to adjust from a different timezone this time around. Either way, we're finally able to stay up past 8pm!

I spent (too many to mention) hours browsing Pinterest yesterday, who else is addicted? Follow me if you're on there! And if you're not, it's definitely worth checking out!

Today I decided that if I'm gonna make this a productive year, I better start off by making room to craft. I'm embarrassed to say, but my desk has been completely covered in junk since September. Not anymore! ( I left my camera at work, so these crappy iphone photos will have to do for now).

While I was cleaning, Walgreens so kindly printed a whole stack of my photos for me. How nice.

And from those photos, I made this: (Only sneak peaks for now!)

 I also made some cute little cookies to take to work. YUM!

I'll be doing a super early spring cleaning here in a few days, which means I'm gonna part with a lot of stuff. I'll put it all up here, and you guys can take your pick. Yay!

What fun new, exciting projects are you guys working on?

Until next time,
S. <3


Alexis said...

You are not the only one addicted to Pinterest!

Kari said...

i love that you are scrapbooking again :D

Michelle Clement said...

Yay! I'm so happy you made some scrapbook pages, too. :) Happy new year!

alicia said...

i always love when your post scrapbook pages! <3

ashley said...

so happy you're are blogging here again. i missed your posts!


Shewearscrazywell said...

Nom nom nom...those cookies look good girl! I also like the work you got going on! I'm totes healing up from some work I got done...think Lil' Red Riding Hood wearing a wolf's head :). I gotta get on some spring cleaning for sure! Hearts, Janna lynn

Lauren said...

Following you on pinterest!

Babe if I woke up with my hair looking like that back when it was shorter I'd be pretty stoked! Haha.

I've also made a vow to be more productive this year - I'm in the process of sorting out my craft area too.

Kimberly said...

now following you on pinterest :D I love your craft space!!