Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time travel

My mom recently emailed me old family photos from when she was a little girl and my grandparents were young. I cherish old photos like these more than anything. Don't they just make you wish you could travel back in time? My grandpa who's always been a funny old man, was apparently funny back then too. Not that I ever had any doubts.

Love this photo of my grandma. What a beauty!

I've also been playing around with some of my own photos!

winter wonderland

pappa jente

trouble makers

While I was home for Christmas I made sure to raid my mom's cookbook with recipes she's been collecting since I was little. It's been over 10 years since last time I made vegan creamy onion soup. This recipe used to be my favorite so I figured I'd give it a go again. Here it is;

For the best vegan creamy onion soup you'll ever eat, you'll need:
(Serves 4-5 people)

4 Large leeks
2 Large onions
2 Tbs Earth balance
1 Liter (33 Ounces) vegetable bouillon/broth
8 Ounces Tofutti plain cream cheese
16 Ounces plain Soy milk creamer

Chop the leeks and the onions and Sauté them in the Earth balance for about 10 minutes. Add the vegetable bouillon/broth, Cream cheese and Soy milk creamer and let cook on medium to low heat under a lid for 30-40 minutes. 

I usually serve the soup with a sliced baguette, but any white bread will do just fine. Enjoy! :)

After living in the states for years now (time flies!) I realized that one of the things I miss the most about home (other than family and friends) is the bread they have in Norway. Why is it so hard to find good bread here? I hate pre-sliced store bought bread more than anything! So earlier today I tried making my own, and it was pretty successful. I have yet to buy a stand mixer so it was a long 10 minutes of kneading, but totally worth it. Next time I'll make sure to pick an apartment with enough counter space to store a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. A girl can dream, right?

I've gotten a few requests lately to share work related photos, which I might do from time to time. But if you are really curious to see what I do when I'm not crafting at home, you can check out my other blog here.

Until next time,
S. <3


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, those old photos are SO awesome! Aren't old family pictures the coolest thing ever?! Thanks for sharing, they made me smile! :)

Anonymous said...

Old photos are the best, and the ones you have are so sweet! I recently uncovered some oldies and found out my grandpa was in the olympics for shooting (ridic). Will def. try out that recipe!

Eleni said...

I have valiantly tried making bread at home a few times now, and my feeble little arms just aren't up to the challenge! I also dream of an electric mixer, you are not alone :)

PS: the family photos are priceless! And really good quality for their age. You are so lucky your mum is tech-savvy enough to email them to you, I've been trying to persuade my mum to do this for years!

Miss Kay said...

I'm trying that soup for dinner tonight! Definitely! I've been a vegan for almost 20 years now and I still have trouble figuring out what I'm going to make for dinner, this soup sounds devine!
Thank you for the recipe :)

Lauren said...

I love the third photo down! It looks like they're having so much fun!

Anja said...

I love old family photos...its like timetraveling...I collect photos I have pics grom the grandmother of my pretty. Have a nice weekend.

Em said...

The photos of your grandparents are just fantastic! I adore old family pictures, so much history in one still shot.

Alexis said...

Your grandfather looks like a riot! How special that you have these candid shots.

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