Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear, diary.

No not really, but kind of.

I had along weekend. I spent the last 2 days fighting a cold, I heard laughter is the best medicine, so I did just that - laugh, a lot.
I went to work today, thinking I was A-ok, but as the day went by my head just kept getting stuffier and stuffier.  I also did quite the acrobatic number on Otis this morning, and threw my back out. I'm currently laying on the couch, unable to move, and also high on advil and tussin. Fingers crossed the cold is gone, and that my back feels a little better tomorrow. I know Otis is laughing for sure.

I finished my Tim Gunn painting last week, but I've been bad about sharing, I also finished my black and gray flapper girl painting, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

All these and more are up for sale in my Etsy shop :)

It's been so nice here in Portland lately, well other than the last 24 hours at least, rain, rain and more rain. I keep seeing all these people riding bicycles everywhere, and it's quite wonderful. It has made me want a road bike so bad! I'm also falling in love with everything bicycle these days.

Cute stuff, huh!
I'm gonna get some rest. Have a great night! xoxo.


onelatenight said...

Beautiful work as always!

Feel better Hunny Bun!

Xo, Kyla

susannahbean said...

Hope you feel better dearie! I still can't get over the snake/girl painting, I'm gonna have to buy a print after we move!


tovetyll said...

god bedring!! håper ryggen blir bra snart, rygg er skummelt, plutselig virker den, plutselig virker den ikke....og så virker den igjen...blah:p
fantastiske tegninger, gleder meg til å se mer! scrapper du noe nå?


The Evil Banana said...

yikes, feel better!

Anonymous said...

yay for the wheel-skull-tee! LOVE IT!!!

how charming said...

the girl with the serpent looks alot like angelique houtkamp's work, so pretty!

trace said...

feel better soon :}

LOVE the wheel clock!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm bikes!

Jodie said...

they look so awesome all colored and finished, i think they would make prettttty sweet tattoos :)

My artist has moved interstate im so sad, but luckily its only an hour flight away, so we booked new ink for july, when we are down there.
I still totally need a silje original inked i think :)

hope your well, i miss you, tons, lots in fact!

Peter said...

Jeg visste at sykkelmaniaen i Portland ville nå deg tilslutt.. kos deg med en titt på et par totalt uoppnåelige, men fantastisk flotte sykler fra nabolaget ditt: http://vanillabicycles.com/ og http://iraryancycles.com

God bedring!

Unknown said...

I soooo want that first photo as a tattoo. I love it!

Caroline said...

The stencil-like outline of negative space you created on the butterflies!


Your illustrations are really wonderful to see!

sisteramy said...

hey Silje, what sock pattern are you working on? i'm working on a pattern called Julia socks and i'm loving them. share on ravelry soon, i miss you!