Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunny Saturday.

We had another sunny day today, I got to talk to both my parents, I finished my projects, and I went shopping. All in all it has been a good day.

Just wanted to share some more pillows, the other two sold out overnight, so I just put these up for sale.

Trine asked what kind of paint I use for my water colors in my last post, so here you go.

They are Dr. martens synchromatic, and I LOVE them. I found they are pretty hard to come across, even online. So I usually buy a few each time. If you are into painting with water colors, and love bright colors, try them out. They are however not light fast, bummer, I know.

I also forgot to share a painting I did of Abraham Lincoln, for Josh for Christmas.

I've had a few blog readers ask If I do custom paintings, yes I do, If you are interested email me,

Hope you are having a great weekend!



:) erin said...


Christine said...'s-Radiant-Concentrated-Watercolors.htm?WT.mc_n=CJ&WT.mc_t=CPC&WT.mc_id=3452023&AID=10273655&PID=1609763&SID=tfc_-_11_6_100123_9f92a15a66416357e839c53edd1e1f95

they are .5 ounces for like 5 bucks!

tara. said...

totally off the subject...came across tattoo shop listing while looking for a job on craigslist....thought i'd pass it along :).

the cat whisperer said...

I love the Lincoln painting, it's beautiful! I want a Mary Lincoln tattoo some day. I always get sucked into browsing Lincoln jewelry on Etsy :)
Your pillows are lovely too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm just establishing a blog and I hope you will check it out. I need readers and followers badly. I loooove your blog!


Melissa Mann said...

love those pillows!! and love that Abe Lincoln picture and quote!

Trine said...

hej again! ;-)

thanks for the answer! i dont think we have this kind of colours here in germany...i will try to find something similar...i tried watercolor pencils, but they dont seem to be so good, even though they were darn expensive....;-/

just saw on the picture, i have the same sewing machine...! ;-)

xoxo trine

Lilith said...

they are too cute, especially the yellow ones!
I had made a pillow for wmas, and you made me want to do some more!