Saturday, January 30, 2010

If you didn't know already..

 I have a soft spot for tape.
And while browsing the world wide web I stumbled upon some amazing stuff.
Oh yes.



Wooden Tape Dispensers  from Tinted Mint. I think the darker one is my fave <3 They also have some super cute tape! Love!!!

I also finished some new paintings, a custom order for Kelli, her super cute dog, Finley.

If you are interested in a custom painting, contact me at with details, pictures and size.

I also painted this, just for fun :)

I've been painting every day the last week, it's great to finally be really inspired again. I have some fun ideas for a new flash set, I'm super excited.

What are you up to this weekend?



stina said...

ooh, lovely tape dispensers! and the tape! yum!

i should get some knitting done today but i've been uninspired lately so we'll see about that.

i'm looking forward seeing more flash sets from you!

Little-Penny said...

i LOVE all your drawings!!!! so cute!!!

Jessica said...

i love the new drawings.

Toshimi said...

That gnome is adorable!

allyson joy said...

your art is amazing,,,,, i want everything,, im gonna stew a little and email you in a little on what i wanna start with,,, i love your creations!!! and i loooooooove gnomes,,, like a lot, a lot!!!

proswet654 said...


Marie said...

ya, i couldnt resist. I need a painting of my dog ;)
cant wait to see it !

In the Veganing said...

I was in Pdx for the weekend and went shopping at Herbivore. I have been following your blog for a couple months, and I was so stoked to see your paintings there. I bought the one with the roses.
It looks pretty good in our house:)