Monday, March 8, 2010


I feel like I've had the same hairstyle for a million years. I have crazy thick viking hair, so it's impossible to style, and I am in desperate need of a change. If you live in Portland, where do you recommend getting a hair cut? No fancy shmancy places, please.


Not really sure what I'd like to do, since I'm trying to grow it out, and would like some length, maybe I should go back to a side bang, or a straight, or slightly curved bang.
Any ideas?



Anonymous said...

I work at rudys barbershop in seattle and we have 2 locations in portland. Don't let the "barber" part scare you! We are a bunch of stylist who don't want to work in a salon atmosphere.
If you came into my shop I would totally give you a half circle shaped would look so cute!

Jodie said...

I feel the same as you, I always feel like my hair is the same, and get bored with the cut, i have side fringe at the moment but thinking of cutting it straight and short, kind of like sabina kelley, but keep the length of the rest and try grow it out, i think you could pull off a fringe like that to :)
also a new color is always a good change!
i feel bored with white blonde so have been mixing in black, and now cotton candy pink soon, now i am a student and not working in a shop that would hate it haha!

Charis said...

I change my hair all the time, I get soooo bored with it! Love the pic where did you find it??!

Lilly Panic said...

I like side bangs, I really adore the haircut of Radeo Suicide, i think something like this would look awesome on you! maybe with some additional colour,too? how about yellow? I really liked your yellow eye-make-up and tights ;)

Unknown said...

Rudy's barbershop! I've been to the one on division and I LOVE it. I walked out with the best hair ever!

Jessica said...

ahh, i feel like i've had the same cut for so long, too. the spring weather is making me feel like i want change.

Caroline said...

Daaaammmmn! I wish I had thicker hair! I am quite jealous of yours!

Have you thought about possibly styling it with inspiration from a retro couiffeur? Maybe a 1950s style do, only modernized?

Silje said...

Same! mine has also been crazy coloured for ages and ages (turquoise!), so I went ahead and dyed it auburn today. feels weird, but I'm gonna top it off with a pixiecut to get rid of all the dead bits. wow.

I think the half circle bangs would be good as well! and your hair would look awesome with victory rolls, and in general, lots of vintage styling:D

ps. you probably know, but yay for you and your spring time patchwork pillow that was in an etsy finds e-mail today! ^^

Jenny said...

I completely relate to the need to perpetuate change through a hair cut!

Two months ago, I cut all the hair I spent 4 years growing... and am currently regretting it. I don't feel very feminine or pretty and I know that's INSANE! Why shouldn't a girl be just as attractive with short hair?!

So I wish you the very best luck in trying to figure out your new hair style.

Personally... I like Bettie Paige bangs. It's summer. Bangs out of your face and showing off your beautiful skin is glorious!

dani said...

Best advice I ever got about hair. If you want to chop it or change it, wait two weeks. If you still want to do it then, go for it.

And I should take my own advice, for at the moment I have a partial self-created mohawk. Not a good look!

Danielle said...

cool pic, and my hair is always pretty much the same, long and crazy. I did put red highlights in recently before we went to Europe to have a new "do."
I say if you have the guts that I don't go totally opposite than now. I think you'd look great with long, side-swept bangs!

Leah said...

I live in Portland and get my hair cut at Bishops Barbershop on SE Hawthorne. It's close to my place and I always leave happy. :)