Monday, March 15, 2010


I finally finished my dress today! About time, I know.
I really only had to add the red border, and do some minor adjustments. I'm so happy with the way it came out!

I misplaced my tripod, so I had to use my ever so trusty photobooth, hah. Real good quality pics, I promise  ;)

It looks a little wonky on the hanger, I guess I should have added some hidden straps so it would be easier to hang. 

Yesterday I made Norwegian waffles for breakfast, mmm delicious. My grandma used to make the most amazing waffles ever, some of my favorite memories growing up were the many weekends spent at her house listening to the same stories over and over again, I could never get enough :) Eating waffle, after waffle, it's really surprising I wasn't a chubby monkey as a kid!

For dinner I had homemade pizza at a friends house, who built the most amazing pizza oven in his backyard. Food tastes so much better outdoors, plus nothing is better than your very own mini personal pizza fresh from the oven, that you made yourself <3

I just ordered my supplies, and I'll be ready to work this Wednesday, scary, but oh so exciting!
If you live in the area, come see me! <3

I just finished up some sketches for my new set of flash, I'm so in love with the tea cup, and I secretly want another tea tattoo <3 LOVE!!

My friend Sarah, who lives in KC also got picked for the Miss Tattoo USA pageant, and I am super excited cause that means we get to share a room, and live it up all weekend long, hah! Also, I get to hangout with this pretty lady, Diamond, who's competing in the pageant in June <3 So exciting!

How cuuute is she!!! :)

I have some laundry to attend to, then some cleaning up to do, a dinner to eat and then a date with the gym.
I hope you are enjoying the new week!



myownlittleuniverse said...

wow, what a CUTE dress!!! i can't believe you made that! i am not so good with the sewing machine. and yummm i want that pizza!

Ronise said...

the dress is amazing and you are so pretty!

Meg said...

Love the dress! Love your tattoos!!

Unknown said...

love your dress and homemade pizza yummy!

good luck in the pageant


Ariel said...

that dress is super cute! is the waffle tattoo yours? i LOVE it!!! congrats on miss tattoo usa!

Roxanne said...

Your dress is so adorable. Are you going to make something for the comeptition? PS. I sooo want waffles now, yum!

angela said...

your dress turnede out so adorably cute. love it! you look so cute in it. and your tattoos are making me excited to get another. wowza

cArLa said...

i love your dress... and your tattoos of course! can you do my tattoo one day??? i live in bc i don't mind going to oregon to get it done!

svartanova said...

Really love your waffle tattoo. :) I was surprised to read som Swedish/Norweigian. :)

The dress looks gorgeous on you!

Dear Skeletons said...

Look at little miss lovely Diamond! You are a foxy lady, and so are you Silje!

Sam said...

oooh i love the dress! :)

And the teacup is just fabulous! I have 2 tea tattoos, I need more!x

Unknown said...

sooooooooooooooooooooo cute.
And your tattos make you look hotter in it. You can stop being so amazing now.
No, really.
I'll wait here.

Jodie said...

the dress turned out perfectly, nice work!!
goodluck at the new job, you dont need luck because you will own it, but you know ;)

Lilly Panic said...

wow that dress is perfect on you, I love it! And your green eyeshadow, too, haha, i guess i should dye my hair black again, too, everything matches better with black hair I see =)

Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...

awww I love those sketches! *__*
I want to get tattooed by you one day! ;)

Anette S said...

perfekt kjole! Skal du sy antrekkene dine til Miss Tattoo?
Ha en fantastisk tirsdag! I Oslo er det sol og plussgrader! Hurra!

Charis said...

Sounds like you've had a great last few days! very cute dress Silje x

Silje Silje said...

Er det din farmorvaffel-tatovering også eller? :)

Diamond said...

Awww! You're so sweet! I'm really excited to finally meet you! I had a question...maybe I could buy some sketches off of you when you visit? I'm also looking to get tattooed pretty soon and I'm in love with your work. :)

Also, my best friends birthday is that weekend...maybe we could all hang out?! There's a to die for Vegan Restaurant in Dallas called The Spiral Diner. I think you'd love it.

P.S.- That waffle tattoo is amazing.

Diamond said...

Another P.S.- That dress is goregous, I love the cut and the print! You're so beautiful, Silje!

mrs.adrienneK said...

gah u r gorgeous!!! to tell you the truth i had form to enter this pageant BUT i do not stand a chance against all these pretty ladies lol

Anonymous said...


Må bare si at jeg elsker bloggen din og dine kreative etsy ting! Utrolig inspirerende ;-)
Og gratulerer med nominasjonen for Miss Tattoo USA!


Toshimi said...

your dress turned out cute! i love how you paired the bird pattern fabric with red.

susannahbean said...

that dress is adorable!! i can never get over how awesome your eye makeup is! i don't have the balls to wear anything that bright...!


Anonymous said...


Anzouya said...

this dress ia AMAZING! I wish I could sew something like that! Well done!

Jenn said...

The dress is adorable!! I love how it turned out. I really like the waffle tattoo and story too... Reminds me of mom and me staying up late every christmas eve to make chocolate cookies! So much fun!

Becky Farley said...

Another super pretty dress! :)

I love me some waffles!!!

Emily said...

oh my Norwegian waffles! yummy my Mom makes them heart shaped as well & they are gone before she is done with the batch! So very yummy! In love with the waffle tattoo!