Friday, March 5, 2010

happy happy. tired.

We're only talking hours now till one of my bestest little friends, Irene is coming to visit. Eeep! I am freaking out, I am so excited! I'm picking her up tomorrow around noon. I already did a million things today to keep myself busy so time would go by faster! yay!

Yesterday I decided to send in an application to Miss Tattoo USA, yeah..I know, crazy right? I have the worst stage fright ever, so wish me luck, and maybe I'll get picked, and will for sure have to overcome my fears. Awesome.
With a little help from Danielle, we pretty much came up with the best idea ever as my talent, oh yes. I'll share more once I hear back from them :)
So it's pretty much like any other pageant, tons of forms to fill out, and sign. You have to present a casual day look, a classy evening look, and then there is the swim suit, and of course the talent show. All this, but with lots of heavily tattooed girls. My friend Sarah in KC entered too. 

Thank you all for your lovely ideas for things to knit for my little nephew, I am so bummed I won't have time to knit anything as I have to ship the package out pretty soon, so I think I decided to make him a stuffed toy. And save the knitted toy for later :) 
The slippers for my mom are done, I am still waiting for them to dry so I can sew the buttons on, and take pictures, they came out sooo cute! <3 I can't wait to share!

I was nominated for a blog award, by this beautiful lady, thank you so much <3

The rules of the award are:
1) Copy the award to my blog
2) Link to the person who has given me this award
3) Tell 7 interesting things about myself
4) Choose 7 other blogs that I want to give this award to
5) Link to their blogs
6) Comment on their blogs that I have given them this award.

So since I shared 10+ somewhat interesting things about me in an earlier blog post, I am linking to that instead of typing them all over.

And I nominate!

Amazing, fun blogs <3 Enjoy.

I'm off to bed. I hope you had a fun day!



emalie said...

aww yay!
omg you are so going to win that pageant!

Roxanne said...

Yes Ms Tattoo USA! You would steal the show. Have an amazing time with your friend.

Charis said...

Miss Tattoo USA... perfect for you Silje!

Danielle said...

Yesss I love the talent we figured out much! You are so going to blow everyone away! So fun.

:) :)


Jenn said...

you are gonna ROCK at that pageant.

Emily said...

awww sweet Nieco! Thank you again Silje!

Enjoy your friends visit & you will def be picked! Miss Tattoo USA!!! eeeeep fun stuff!


cArLa said...

i do that too before my bestie gets into town... i can't hardly wait! good luck with miss tattoo usa, you're gonna blow them away - for sure! love love your portraits...

Amy said...

you should win miss tattoo. :)

danielle said...

you'll for sure win!! you're a shoe in- in that pic-yep?

Anonymous said...

you'll do amazing at the show!!! and will SO win!! :)

Becky Farley said...

First - I'm stoked for you to enter Miss tattooed USA lol I can't wait to hear more bout this!!

Thank you for nominating my for the Kreativ Blogger Award!! Very sweet of you :)

That's the BEST photo of cupcake ever - so precious!

Unknown said...

are you freaking kidding me?! Miss Tattoo USA sounds like the coolest pageant EVER!!!

Jodie said...

Ah im so proud of you, you will do great, and win for sure!!!
I know how shy you are so, this is such a huge deal, im so so proud!! :D

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness silje!! i just noticed you nominated me!! awwww thanks so much! your seriously the best ever!!

Caroline said...

you are like a pin-up, silje! much luck in the running!