Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I just wanted to share some fun projects I am working on right now. Between my mom turning 50, my nephews first birthday, a surprise for my dad, and myself finally learning to sew garments I am keeping myself quite busy these days.

I'm one sock down, one to go - halfway finished with these "hunter socks" for my dad.  The pattern is free, and if you are registered at, you can download it.


I'm knitting slippers for my mom, again. I have no clue what my mom does, but I am suspecting she eats slippers for breakfast, this will be her 4th pair. Haha! This time I will be felting them after they are knitted, and hopefully that will make them last a little longer. ...unless she really does eat them!
This pattern, French press felted slippers, is also on , this one is not free though, but totally worth every $.

This is what they will look like once they are done, cute right?


I used the skirt, and the midriff pattern pieces, and made my own bodice pattern, and I am currently working on a new super cute, strapless dress! Almost finished! I used fabric that my mom sent me for Christmas, and it only took 1 yard! Awesome! :)
Gonna add a touch of red, I'll share a another picture once it is finished :)


So I drove an hour out to Salem yesterday to take the test to get licensed, I didn't get much sleep the night before, and I was super nervous. The test was a two part test, the first part 100 questions, the second part 50 questions, and they give you two hours to finish. I was doing great at first, but English being my second language. Don't get me wrong, I can do just fine on a day to day basis, talking to  people, write, no problem, but once it gets formal, and words that I don't use daily are being used, it gets a little tough. So there I was super confused, and had to guess on a few questions since I didn't know what certain words meant. It was so frustrating! 
So with that said, I passed one part, failed the other. I missed by two questions I think. Total bummer, I know. And this makes me feel so incredible stupid. Luckily I remember the questions I answered, incorrectly, and can study those, and re-take the test in 7 days. 

I am still so very, very thankful for all your good luck wishes and happy thoughts, you guys are the best <3
Josh came home from work with a cupcake from Saint Cupcake, the cutest little bakery/boutique you have ever seen. Love!!!

With that said, I have some socks, slippers, and a dress to finish. I also want to sew or knit a little toy for my nephew, any good ideas or links to patterns?
Only two days left til Irene comes to visit for 5 days, aweeesome! <3

I hope you have the most wonderful day.



Jenn said...

you are so productive!
seriously, I could only HOPE to be able to do as much as you do. :)

theyarngeek said...

Here is a link for a knitting pattern for your nephew. You may not like particular one, but there are tons of other patterns on here for you to look through. :)

kelly* said...

those slippers are adorable...your family must love all the handmade gifts!

i'm also pretty sure that i NEED that fabric :-)


theyarngeek said...

Boo. I just realized you have to be signed in as a member to view that link I posted. Well check out their patterns at any rate. Don't mind the bum link. ;)

Emilie Lynne said...

You are so inspiring! I love how you can just pick up new crafts at the snap of a finger and you're off creating things immediately -- I am so envious! I know you'll do great on your test next time around, try to not be nervous :)

Carly said...

I just started reading your blog, but I am already in love! Sorry to hear about the test, good luck taking it again though. I think I read somewhere on your blog that you apprentice at a shop in Portland, is that right? I'm actually going to Portland later this month, and I was wanting to check out some shops while I am there, any suggestions?

Sarah M said...

sorry to hear about your test! But you'll do great next week!
I love those slippers-I saw them online awhile back, and sent them to my crazy felting SIL. I love to knit, but have never felted, so I just stick with my own version of "the Grandma slippers" (also from Ravelry, free).
Depending on how young your nephew is, I suggest this: I REALLY want to make it for my own kids (or every other child) and it's knit in bulky (my fav!)with size 17s:

Sarah M

melis731 said...

That is the cutest little boxed cupcake I've ever seen!

Roxanne said...

Your mom is going to love her slippers! You should make yourself a pair too. That cupcake is making me hungry :P

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't feel stupid! You tried your hardest and that's what counts.

kirkland said...

Awe sorry about the test! I'm sure you will pass the second time!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

eek! you're so cute! Good luck on your next test!

Linda said...

I think this super-easy knitted kitty would be an adorable toy for your nephew!-Linda

jen geigley said...

love your dress and the french press slippers are in my queue, too! (this is a cute little fast-knit toy that might be cute ...

sisteramy said...

i made the Elijah by ysolda for my nephew and he loved it.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel stupid! Just study those two questions like mad and then go back and kick that test's arse! You can do it, love :)

abby - the geek girl said...

Love those slippers! I would probably wear them to work... you are super productive. I'm a little jealous. I also might steal your cupcake, just saying. :)

Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...

aww I'm so sorry about the test :(
I can imagine it was difficult to do not understand some words -_-'
but josh was so sweet ^_^
awww I would like to be able to do half of the things you do ^____^
but i have no time :'(

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness silje that dress is absolutely stunning! id so buy one its goregoussssss! so jealous of youre amazing skills!! and those slippers are going to be adorableeee!!! youre the best daughter ever! and i have yet to go to saint cupcake im definately going to give that place a try! :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness silje that dress is absolutely stunning! id so buy one its goregoussssss! so jealous of youre amazing skills!! and those slippers are going to be adorableeee!!! youre the best daughter ever! and i have yet to go to saint cupcake im definately going to give that place a try! :)
and dont fret about the test!! youre going to do wonderful! im so going to save up some money and when youre license i so want to get a tattoo by you!! :D

Jodie said...

aw babe im sorry you didnt pass the test, but i bet you will the next time!
that cupcake looks so tasty and the dress is coming along awesome, a girl with such talent you are, my friend <3
goodluck with the test next time and have fun with irene!!

susannahbean said...

I love the french press slippers, I was so glad when she put out a pattern! I still haven't made any though... :(

That sucks about your test! You'll do great next time, I know it.


Melissa Mann said...

awesome crafty projects!!

sorry to hear about the test! i'm sure you'll rock it out the next time around :-)

Danielle said...

wow, those slippers are awesome!
Sorry about your test-bummer!

dani said...

Sheesh you never cease to amaze! And you should get some sort of extra credit for English being your second language!!! You'll so pass next time.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

looooove the dress and the little shoes! i wish i had even half your talent!!!

Betty said...

sorry to hear about your test.

Those slippers are adorable. I've added them to my faves on ravelry a while ago too.

I got the pet portrait in the mail a week ago and forgot to tell you. Thank you again! Its even better in person.

Amy said...

what if you were to sew on a sole to the slippers, like in an ultra suede? Most store-bought slippers have soles to them, as well as some socks. Or even some wool felt would work! Have her mail the old ones back to you to see how they are wearing out and what can be done to make them last longer.
Good luck!
thank you for sharing the patterns with us! I don't like to knit on circular needles, but for these I will make an exception! If I make them and add a sole, I will let you know how they turn out!

Jenn said...

I hate taking tests! I think I have a mild form of dyslexia, because I always have to re-read everything about three times just so I can get the whole point... Good luck on your re-take! I would definitely come get a tattoo from you. I think you're an amazing artist! ;)

jessie b said...

those slippers are awesome!! how long does it take to make them?