Wednesday, March 24, 2010

gym tan laundry.

Not much to say today other than GTL. God I wish the Jersey Shore was on to cheer me up.

Headed for the gym, since the laundry is already done, and I don't tan.



Kim L. said...

this just made me laugh! Isn't it scary how when that's on you automatically feel happier! Hope you find something to cheer you up! xoxo

Jodie said...

sending you some cyber hugs, and love across the oceans babe.
love youu

melis731 said...

I don't know if this helps in any way, but I honestly do look forward to reading your blog posts and I get excited when I see there is a new one :)
Also, I LOVE the new painting!

emalie said...

hahaha yeah i miss jersey shore too!

i love that set!

beth ann said...

watching the jersey shore makes the day great! and i love, love, love your new painting - my husband is a soldier and about to leave for deployment so those images just hit home! so beautiful!

Becky Farley said...

lol I was gonna say! NOOOOO tanning! :)
Oh the jersey shore - it can total make you feel better about yourself or make you feel completely sad for the future of our world lol either way! ;)

Your new love letter painting is so wonderful!

susannahbean said...

you're hilarious!


Amy said...

lol! I have known about the GTL and the "guido jersey boy" for a long time! ONe of my BFFs in college was an Italian guy from NJersey (he was the Vinny type!)
I loved that show (to my husband's horror!) It reminded me of my friend! You see, I've lived in Texas nearly my whole life (college, too) and, well, that's a whole different culture! IT's too bad they still don't make IROC Zs!Check out "Jeseylicious". IT's on either the style network or E channel. It's pretty awesome too!