Thursday, February 4, 2010

counting down.

Today it is only one more month til my dearest friend Irene comes for a visit from KC! I am so freaking excited!!
I haven't seen her since June, and it's been pretty strange to go from being best friends who work together, to being best friends who live far, far away from each other.
I seriously need to stop moving away from my friends, it's really becoming a bad habit.

Anyways, I am counting down the days and planning our 5 fun days together. There will be lots and lots of fun pictures, good food, a trip to Seattle to see Shaun <3, shopping, oh yes, lots of shopping, photo booth-ing, crafting, and puppy snuggling :)

Can you tell I'm excited? :)



Jodie said...

im excited for you!!
sometimes you just need your special friends to hang out with, as a little refresh of happiness <3
have fun.

mrs.adrienneK said...

awe so sweet!!!! you two seem so funny!

kelli mercado said...

yay i love this girl's chestpiece (grandparents address, right?)