Friday, February 26, 2010

keeping it classy ca. 2005

Just to avoid any more confusion about the man made dimples (see post below), here you go.

You will definitely have to excuse my ever so classy self, and the the terrible photo quality. My external hard drive crashed, and this was the only picture I could find.  :)



Sarah said...


Was that a painful piercing? I can only assume it was, cheeks seem thick!

They look great all the same! :)

Christine said...

HAHAHAHAHA :D både du og arezo ser ut som to hardcore dykes! :D elsker bandanaen og solbrillene til arezo, og trailercapsen din. CLASSY :D

jeg har verdens beste venner, haha <3

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Hey Silje, love your blog!! Especially the pretty pattern you use as your background.
That piercing looks painful though! :)

Caroline said...

I knew it! whoo!

haha how old were you in the photo?


Kristin Ryan said...

I will never forget this: When I was a junior in high school this kid infront of me shoved a taper through his (really small) gauged ear. It ripped right on the spot and he turned around and put the taper on my desk. GROSS. To this day I've always been afraid to stretch my ears.

You Have Killed Me said...

åååååh, herregud! du konne isje finna et bedre bilde? HAHAHAH! eg dør. satan, så ekle me e <3