Friday, February 26, 2010

things you didn't know.

I figured it would be fun to share some things most people don't know about me,

I had epilepsy til i was 12.

My youngest brother and I have exactly the same birthmark, in exactly the same spot.

I used to have a gap between my two front teeth so big I could fit a finger in between

I am extremely jealous. To the point where I hated my brother til I was about 13, just because I no longer was #1 when he was born. wow.

My natural hair color is red

My dimples are man made

I hate dolls

I am shy around girls, but not boys

I refuse to swim in deep water, other than in a pool

I prefer thick, or chubby boys over skinny boys, and I think girls are more attractive than guys

I almost drowned in Spain when I was 4

I can't stand figure skating, but I love the ballet


What's your secret?


miss mardi nowak said...

Wow silje! I wouldn't of guessed your hair colour!!! Plus I don't think your shy round girls... I'm a bit like that toobut you were super sweet to me when we met! I <3 this post- so sweet!

Sarah G said...

Wait... your dimples are man made? How?

Sarah M said...

yes, I was also wondering how dimples would be man-made!
My two kids (girl & boy) have the same birthmark in the same place, too, how bizarre!
Sarah M

thegirlhassparke said...

I didnt even know that you could grow out of epilepsy. I am the same shy around girls, confident around guys. For some reason i think girls are more intimidating.

Lisbeth said...

I can't either stand swimming in deep deep water, just because I always imagine that there is something under me that will eat me.. Haha. Or simply just bite my leg of..

mrs.adrienneK said...

wow! very interesting! i knew about your dimples though! :) and oh my ive been drinking clementine izze like a MAD woman for the past few days...i want some NOW in secret...i cant swim...:) i didnt even tell my husband til we were married for a few months ha!

Oana Roxana said...

Your hair is red...So cool!

Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...

ahahhah OMG Silje i discovered we have SO MANY THINGS IN COMMON!
like these:
I am very jealous! about boyfriend and about my friends! also about my stuffs XD ahaha
I refuse to swim in deep water! i am so afraid!

I'm so sorry about you having epilepsy :(
but fortunately you don't have it anymore!
i love you more and more

myownlittleuniverse said...

oh how funny, i am the opposite... it's much easier for me to talk to girls than to guys. men intimidate me. so interesting! love the pics!

Jessica said...

great post. these were very interesting things.


have a happy friday!

Anonymous said...

To second Sarah, how are your dimples manmade? How does that work?

I used to bite my nails, but one time I did it too hard and chipped a tooth, and the pain of chipping the tooth made me cringe every time I went to bite my nails again, so I stopped, for good. I'd say it was good thing for me.

I also hate dolls. To the point that I'd get nightmares about them! Scary!

You're an interesting person, Silje! Thanks for sharing about yourself!

The Evil Banana said...

my secrets: i love tomatos, can eat them like a apple, but i hate apples, even the sound of them being bitten. I have no idea what my natural color of hair is, been dying it for 10 years. I suffer from depression, but love life too much for most people to notice.

Caroline said...

did you have subdermals in your cheek before...(dimples reference)?


I used to hate tomatoes until a year ago...though I'm very italian. I'm still afraid of the dark and ghosts.


Amy T Schubert said...

my dad has/had epilepsy. He has also grown out of it, so I always forget about it when doctors ask about family history of diseases.

mary dangerous said...

i hate dolls too.

Melissa Mann said...

wow!i never ever would have guessed your natural hair color is red!

Kristin Ryan said...

When I was thirteen I would wish my dad would die. Six days before I turned sixteen, he died from cancer. I feel like it was my fault.

Wendy said...

I have my list of 100 things about me on my blog (a jill of all trades

I would love to see the red hair! I am a strawberry blonde person with freckles and have wanted to try dyeing my hair black, but think that it would not go with my copper skin tone.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

red hair? never would have guessed either. that's awesome tho.
im jealous too, altho i don't think my loved ones would think that was a secret about me...sadly its well known. :( and i also bite my nails when nervous.
im also are dimples man made?

T.W said...
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Becky Farley said...

Show us a lil kid Silje picture with the red hair!! :) please!
The birthmark thing is weird, but neat!
I like chubby/thicker boys too - as long as I can remember!

Nicole E in WA said...

I am very (self)conscious of how others perceive me, and I hide things about my true self from many people because of it...but I love that an oxymoron?

I just found your site yesterday, and LOVELOVELOVE it!!! I live near Seattle and my husband is a tattoo artist too! :D

angela said...

those are the best random things to learn about you.....



Jennie said...

great post!! I'm not brave enough to share all yet. ;)

susannahbean said...

love it! I'm super shy with girls too! I have such a hard time making girlfriends :( I'm more nervous talking to girls than I am (or was!) when I went on first dates with boys! AND I only swim in pools! I hate it when I can't see or touch the bottom!

Hmm, my (not so) secret is that I was an art kid my whole life until I got to college. I switched my major to history and told everyone it was because I wanted to be challenged and that I felt too boxed in in my classes, but really I just felt like I didn't have enough talent. I haven't really drawn or painted since then. I channel my creativity in other ways though!


Caitlin said...

Found your post through Elsie Cake. I made one myself ( I had a big gap in my teeth too. I liked it, I could spit water at my sister in the pool! I am terribly shy around girls and not boys. I thought I was weird for that!

Jodie said...

lol you hate dolls, ill apologize for the past two years of posting pics of my dolls on my flickr :P lol.

I wanna know how "red" your natural hair color is, your one of those cute girls that any color suits, cos you pull off the black as well as the blonde :) and im sure you pull off the red too!

Im scared of deep water too, i almost drowned once at the beach when i was a kid :(

i love this I may have to blog something like it soon.

i miss you a ton, and our chats :)

Anonymous said...

aw what a fun post to read!!! you should definately post photos of you with red hair how cuuute!

Lauren said...

I found you through Elsie. I'm probably going to do this too, at some point!

I'm shy around girls too.. and people my age.

Nina said...

Thanks for sharing your deep secrets with us! So much fun to read about.

Some secrets about me:

People seem to think I'm always happy, but I tell ya - I can be quite moody ;)

I'd never had gone through medical school if I'd known before how hard it would be.

My biggest fear is to get complaints from patients - and even worse, to accidently treat a patient wrong.

If I had a lot of money, I probably wouldn't work at all (have too many hobbies!).

I can't dive, but I can swim. Not too keen on deep dark waters either.

I don't like winter.

I also like chubby guys more than tiny ones - I want my man to be bigger than me. ;)

stefanie said...

totally random, but I saw the picture of you with your cherrie-tattoo and i found a similar one on this site:
Just wondering if it was you.
PS: I really like reading your blog :)

lizi said...

my secret: i'm pregnant!!!!

love your blog!!

Her said...

What fun! My husband and I posted our secrets on our blog too!

Hello, I'm Vicki said...

wow your blog ROCKS!!!! loved reading your list - you suit brown hair best i think. how can you not like dolls??? hehe have a great day xxx

pakosta said...

My niece has a "man made" dimple on her cheek from something, she fell and got cut open on her cheek, but the super super weird thing is she has a sister that was born 5 years after her who has a dimple that looks exactly LIKE HERs, but was born with it!!!