Thursday, February 11, 2010


In the spirit of Valentines Day I thought I would share 10 things I <3 right now.
 * red lips.
 My favorites are MAC "russian red" (matte) lipstick, NARS " red lizard" lipstick and NARS "scandal", gloss.

 * chihuahua art

 * Brig Van Osten from Shear Genius season 3.


Who else is ready for summer, and warm weather?


* apples slices with peanut butter and cinnamon.




Erin Alaska said...

love the little update! Very spring like. I'm thinking bathing suits too my dear.

Sophie said...

Aghh! So cute!
Love the swimming attire x

Jessica said...

these are all cute and those apples look yummy

Anna Joy said...

love the pictures. can't wait til it gets warm :)

Jodie said...

they are all cute, especially the bikini! I can never find cute ones because my cup size is too big hha, sad sad fact.
In a little way im looking forward to summer being over, and it being autumn, its been killer hot, and my house is constantly 32 degrees every day even with air con and fan, itll be nice to wear tights again, and shoes, and not live in shorts, or short skirt and thongs / flip flops :)

Johanne Brekkevold said...

Love it!! Laundry day print and rainy cloud - soo perfect!

Mirka said...

Mmm..apples..with peanut butter..mmm..and cinnamon.. :P

Love this post!

metamorphosis said...

Oh, I hope I can find some polkadot retro swimwear like that for the summer season!

Emilie Lynne said...

You would look so awesome in that retro bikini!!

Anna said...

I love that computer decal! adorable.

Becky Farley said...

oh warm weather where are you? I can't wait for bikini weather! I love the one you picked!

-glad to here cupcake is feeling better!! :)

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

Unknown said...

i love the bathing suit how cute is that and cupcake is a beauty!


Mika said...

Bathing it spring already? Mika (

Silje Silje said...

Masse fint!! :)

sv: Han jobber på Heimdal på Purple Pain, vært lærlig der i 2 år ca. Han stortrives :)