Saturday, February 27, 2010

Etsy shop update

Just wanted to say thanks for all the fun, and positive comments regarding my previous post, and also, thank you, for sharing some of your secrets! They were so fun to read!

I  received a cute little package yesterday all the way from Australia, from the lovely Miss Mardi. Thank you darling, you are so sweet <3
She sent me the cutest scarf, in one of my favorite colors, pink. It has the most darling chihuahua print on it, so of course Cupcake likes it too. Aww <3


I got so many request to share baby pictures of me with red hair. Unfortunately my baby pictures, including all my pictures from '04-'09 are all on my external hard drive, which crashed :( I'm am totally bummed about it, I would love to share. Maybe I can get my mom to  scan some. 

I decided to put up listings on Etsy for the pet, and children portraits, since I've been getting so many emails about them, it's getting hard to keep track, so this might be easier for both you and me. :)

I am headed to Bolt for some fabrics, and to Back to Eden Bakery Boutique for some ice cream.

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!



emalie said...

omg! adorable!

Jodie said...

aw its so cute!
and your customs are the best, did ayesha let u know how much her dad and mum loved their brody one? :)
when her mum came and saw the ana and sui ones, she actually asked if we could get one done for her of brody, so it was like a wished for present, which was awesome ;)

goodluck with your etsy i know youll be super busy doing them! just think, every home around the world with a silje portrait original ;)

Anonymous said...

awww that scarf is adorableeee!! and cupcake looks so handsome in it!!

Betty said...

cupcake is adorable!