Saturday, February 6, 2010

random ramblings.

It's been a wonderful weekend so far, the weather has been so beautiful! We had sunshine yesterday, and the temperature was in the 60's!

I took a break from pet portraits today, I feel like I've been painting NON stop the last 7 days. It was nice to kinda sit around and do nothing for a few hours. Josh and I walked down Hawthorne and stopped by a few cute stores, I was on the lookout for some new tape.

Josh snapped this wonderful picture while we were out. The two dogs were so cute!

Of course, I didn't find any, even though all I saw all December, was tape all over, everywhere!

Yes please!

I stopped by Collage and pretty much grabbed every single cute piece of scrapbook paper I could find. Oh yes!

Now this might be super strange, I figured I would blog about this to see if I am going slightly crazy.
When I first got Cupcake, 4 years ago, he was so itty bitty, teeny tiny, and I remember the first night I didn't sleep at all, in fear of rolling over, and crushing the little guy.

I got used to having Cupcake sleep under the covers in bed with me, and everything was back to normal. Now that I've been home for the last 6 months, not working, and pretty much spent every minute of the day together with my little Cupcake, I feel like I've gotten so very much more attached to this little dog than I was before.
He sleeps most of the day, and for some reason I have this fear that he is just gonna stop breathing. I find myself constantly checking on him, day and night. So it takes me close to two hours to fall asleep after I go to bed, because I keep having to make sure he is still alive, and I wake up several times a night to check on him.

I've heard of people doing this with newborn babies, but with dogs?
Am I going crazy? haha.

Maybe I've just become too attached. Never having pets before, well other than fish and a hamster, I never thought I would feel like this. Scary!

Who is ready for valentines day? I found some really cute stuff of Etsy that I wanted to share.





Are you planning the perfect valentines day?

My random ramblings are done and over with, I'm gonna call it a night.



Nora said...

Aww, Cupcake er så søt!! Jeg drev litt sånn når vi fikk valp i sommer også.. når han sov sjekket jeg stadig vekk at han fortsatt pustet, var såå bekymret for ham. Vet ikke hvorfor, er jo ikke akkurat som at hundevalper driver å dør mens de sover?^^ Jeg har sluttet med det nå da, men om han er i et annet rom en meg må jeg jevnlig gå inn til ham da, men det er mest for å se at han ikke driver med noe bøll..hehe.

Jodie said...

Your not crazy at all, you are attatched to him because you love him and he is your baby.
you know what i mean?
I know ill always treat my pets as good as any baby, because they are such a special part of your life.
(i know there will be people out there who think people are crazy for talking/loving/treating their pets like babies, but those are the ones with the problems!!) not people like us who love our pets like children :)
it may be a little anxiety you have with him though, if its making you not be able to sleep..i dont know how to fix that? :(
dont feel crazy at all though babe

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I'm totally this paranoid with my kitten... we lost our previous kitty unexpectedly last year (she was only three) and now any time I see our cat lying on her side, in that same position, and it looks like she's not moving (which cats do a LOT!) I get worried and have to check that she's breathing.

I think it's just a way of making sure we're taking the very best care of our pets.

Your cupcake looks like a cutie!

leanna x

janel. said...

Totally normal!! Just this morning we were laying in bed snuggling with Catalina and I started getting teary and told Adam, She's going to die someday. and I got all sad. I was actually relieved to see here that I wasn't crazy, When I get home from work every day and if I don't hear her barking when I am at the door my heart sinks until I see her. We love are little babies. We can't help it!!

Betty said...

I do this with my dog too. I spent the past 6 years every single day with her. Now that I work everyday it's really weird not having her around all the time. I miss her :(

susannahbean said...

You're totally not crazy!! I do the same thing with Mr. Littlejeans!


myownlittleuniverse said...

i think it's normal to be really attached to your pets and love them like crazy. because they are like a family member! but is there a reason you think he might stop breathing? is there a medical condition behind it? or is it just a fear you have? maybe you can try to let go of that fear because you being healthy and getting enough sleep is really important too. i'm sure your little cupcake is really ok. and some things you just can't control. sometimes you have to just let it go and trust that everything is going to be ok. or that everything will be as it should be...whatever the outcome is. i hope you can get some rest! super cute pics of you and cupcake!

The Mighty Sprout said...

No such thing as too attached! I love my dog like a person loves their child.

Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...

awwww you are just very close o cupcake and it's normal to be afraid when you don't want to loose someone!
I understand your feeling, i often do the same with my cats!
You are normal ;)
love u

Anonymous said...

your dog is such a cutie! I do the same thing when I'm home with my baby (a chihuahua/pappion mutt:) too!

Ariel said...

you aren't crazy i do that to my dog all the time. she sleeps on a big pillow while i work in my studio and after a few hours of working i always have to wake her up, just in case. she always gives me this look like "what? why are you waking me up weirdo?"

i'm always listening for her little doggy sighs.

angela said...

i think it is absolutly normal to act that way with a pet. my sister had a dog that was like her child and when he got killed i really thought my sister was goin to have a nerous breakdown. it was so sad. and cupcake is so cute...

Wendy said...

Biological clock is ticking?

It's your motherly instinct kicking in. Fur and all, he's your baby!

I already received a little gift for V-day....some beautiful orchids!!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Thank you for painting my BEAUTIFUL portrait this weekend! I love it sooo much.

Oh, and I'm that way too with both my dog and my daughter. They are our babies and we want to make sure they are okay and safe all the time :-)