Saturday, March 13, 2010

confidence boost.

Woke up to wonderful sunshine today, so nice compared to the cold rain we had yesterday!
I started working on a sketch for a print for you guys, for being so sweet, and donating so much money!
I decided to take step by step photos, like I did with the Alice painting awhile back, thought it would be fun to share the process, plus you guys seemed to like it last time :)

I'll be sending out the prints pretty soon, so keep your eyes open <3

Irene bought this really cute vintage makeup case while she was here, and even though she ended up buying an extra bag, she still couldn't fit it, so she left it here with me. I loaded it up with some of my MAC stuff, and I am so happy to finally have access to it all. All my pigments have been stored in my closet since I moved, and even though this isn't the most organized way of keeping my makeup, well it works, for now.

Can you tell I love MAC? <3

I decided to wear my hair down today, and I think it might just be the best hair day I've had in ages, hah! My hair is so incredibly thick, and nearly impossible to style, today it was just right though, so happy! :)

I didn't even realize how long my hair is getting till after I took the picture! So awesome, since I've been trying to grow it our forever! Oh the little joys of life :)

I went to the gym earlier today, did my cardio, then weights. While I was doing my sit ups I noticed these two guys staring at me, I just figured they were checking out my tattoos. I finished my work out, feeling oh so sweaty and gross, my hair was super messy, and I was just so ready to go home and shower.
I walk downstairs to the locker, noticing the two guys hanging around. I grab all my stuff, and as I walk out I notice them again, standing by the door, waiting. Awkward! 
So the more heavily tattooed guy out of the two held the door open for me, I said thanks, and walked down the long hallway, him the opposite way. As I get close to the door, I hear someone running, surely enough it was him. "hey, I just wanted to let you know I think you're really attractive". I giggle, and smile, and say thank you, once again, and walk away. I get outside and I hear him shouting "hey, do you wanna get coffee with me?". 

It was sorta funny, and very awkward all at the same time. And I felt slightly bad, although I must admit, it was a total confidence boost, and totally random.

I just finished my dinner, and I'm watching the Unit, anyone else watch that show? It's so good! 

Headed for the gym in a bit for my second cardio. I love working out during the weekend, well at least at night, not having to stand in line, and wait for people to finish is awesome. I am so impatient!

How did you spend your Saturday?



Anonymous said...

1.) I love that print
2.) Your hair does look lovely! I'm very happy you had a nice day with it.
3.) Your story about the guy at the gym is super cute. ^-^
4.)MAC is AMAZING! <3
5.) I was able to donate a bit of money, it's not much, but a friend put that in my pay pal account for sending him something through the post and I couldn't think of a better way for me to spend it! I hope you get all you need!

Also, today I watched Eastbound & Down, then worked from three to eleven thirty. Went to the store for fingernail polish (pink and turquoise) and then came home to check concert listings and my favorite blogs. :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely print!

Wow, people wait in line for cardio at your gym? Awesome and terrifying all in the same.

Dawn said...

Okay, what did you say to the dude at the gym????

That is cool, it's always nice to get a boost in the self department.

Your hair does look cool, I'm trying to grow mine out too, it's taking forever.

Oh, how much more do you need to raise???

AGA said...

Hi, i really love your blog, and all your tattoos<3 i thought it will be nice to let you know!

Christy said...

There is nothing wrong with feeling buoyed by a compliment. I think that is what they are designed to do.

Betty said...

I love getting asked to go out by random guys haha eventhough I have a boyfriend and obviously always say no. I even always tell my boy about it just to make him a little jealous haha
Love the painting. What ink do you use? All the inking pens I have tend to smear if I use watercolors over them. Even the ones that say they're waterproof.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a good day! That print is beautiful and your hair looks great. I always feel so flustered when I get hit on, but then flattered.

Anonymous said...

Getting hit on always surprises me, since my head is usually elsewhere. But it's fun anyway!

Hi! I'm new to your blog, and absolutely love all of the colours and pictures and posts!

shaka said...

I love it! I love all of your work, I don't have any tattoos yet but when I get them I'm using your work for sure! I only wish I could be tattooed by you!

I love all the mac, do you like two virtures I LOVE IT. Do you like anything from the London line, I haven't really lusted over any of that but I haven't got to see it in person yet either.

ps you're beautiful!

Jessica said...

i love that new print. looks very cute!

you have amazing hair, too.


miss teacups said...

that print is gorgeous, you must use watercolours right? it looks so perfect.

your hair allllways looks great but it does look particularly nice like that...

& are really attractive! i'm surprised you don't get that more often


McK said...

Beautiful print!

Question: This sounds sort of silly, but your skin always looks so great in your pictures. Which MAC face product do you use or recommend?

The Evil Banana said...

your new print i amazing!! I'm excited to get it and wouldn't put it past me to get it as a new tat

Sarah said...

Love the new print - I'm getting almost the exact same think tattooed on Wednesday. My cupcake was getting lonely so I'm adding an ice cream and a lollipop to my arm.

susannahbean said...

I LOVE the print!!

I so understand the confidence booster thing, even though I've been dating someone for three years it still makes me feel good!


Anonymous said...

when, oh, when will dudes learn thr the gym is not the place to pick up women??? oy...

Anonymous said...

Your Hair Does Look Beautiful!! I Love Having Good Hair Days!! Although To Be Honest It's Been a While for Me haha :)

and that Print IS Amazing!! I Love Seeing the Step By Step Photos!! So Fun to See!!


Lindsay said...

LOVE it. :)

Nirvana said...

The print is awesome and you look absolutely stunning in the pic! xo

Leah said...

I was in a fun run. It's 3 miles long, I walked the 1st mile and ran the last 2. I finished 38.03 min. I got 6th in my age group. Considering I'm only 12 years old, I'm pretty proud. :)

Jacqueline said...

Oh what a beautiful print! I just adore your art, dear. It's always so sweet, light, and creative :D

You're an amazing inspiration.

Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. Your hair is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. gorgeous!

Jenn said...

That print is beautiful and if it's inspired by the Regina Spektor lyrics that makes it even more beautiful to me :) and girrrl, your hair looks great in that picture.

Mika said...

The print is perfect. Mika (

Diamond said...


I've been following your blog for quite some time now. I am really glad you'll be competing in Dallas for Miss Tattoo USA, you definitely will win! I really love that print you just drew, the colors really pop. It would be awesome to get tattooed by someone of your caliber, you don't see too many females in my area with talent. (I'm from Houston, Texas!) I will be competing in the San Antonio run for Miss Tattoo USA, but I am going to the Dallas one, so maybe I'll see you there!?