Monday, March 29, 2010

Love letter.

Dear sailor dress,

The minute I saw you, I knew I had to have you. I picked you up, inspected you, fell in love and carried you into the dressing room. I got undressed, looked in the mirror, got excited, picked you up again, pulled you over my head and around my waist, and of course you looked so cute. But as always, you were way too short. Is it me? Do I have an abnormally long torso? Am I too tall for you? Because I didn't think I was.
I put you back on the hanger, left you with the blond girl at the fitting room, and walked away.

Now hours later, I wish I would have taken you home. A pair of cute tights would have complemented you well. 



You probably already guessed that I went shopping today, it was wonderful as always, I thrifted some cute stuff this morning, and went to the mall before dinner. I didn't really find what I was looking for at the mall, so now I am looking at cute dresses online,

Today it rained all day, I haven't experienced this kind of rain since my mom and I were in NYC, I have the best memories of us running around in Time Square trying to find umbrellas, every store was sold out, well other than the touristy markets, where they had the I <3 NY umbrellas. No thank you.
With the wind, and our shitty quality umbrellas, we went through a total of 4 in one day. Hah! And we were of course still wet. But what's a little summer rain when you're having the best time of your life, in one of the best cities on earth, with the best mom anyone could ever have. It was truly magical, rain or no rain. 
My mom turned 50 yesterday, I am so sad to have missed such an important day in her life, but knowing she loved what I sent her, and that she has a lovely day makes it a little easier.
What are some of your most wonderful memories? <3



Anonymous said...

Those are super cute dresses! The mall never has anything I'm interested in, yet I always go there when I'm clothes shopping. It's either always too expensive, too small (WHY is everything at certain stores cut SO tiny??), or just not quite right. I usually end up at Forever 21 and buy most of my stuff there. We have a huge one here at a shopping center, I should just forego the mall and go there.

My mom turns 50 on Thursday, and she lives 4 hours away, and I can't be there for her bday, either. I'm going later in April for her late birthday party, but it still sucks, so I know how you feel.

Anyhow, I hope you find the dress you're looking for!

The Evil Banana said...

the day i saw my pug online, the day my husband preposed, graduating high school, finishing college, meeting my BFF in middle school, meeting my husband at a halloween store and KNOWING he was THE ONE...even though he didn't, moving into my own place, starting my Etsy store, my first sewing project (a teddy bear and my mom still has him), the day i got married, the day my husband said he is ready for children and so so much. I could bore you for hours.

It was nice making this list, thanks for asking. Your adorable by the way, I LOVE LOVE YELLOW TOO.

dani said...

Cute little story. And I HATE those crappy NY umbrellas! What a scam.

I have to say, reading your blog, your mom seems so great! I wish mine was as supportive as yours seems to be :)

Jenn said...

Last year, I visited my super cool aunt in NC. During my visit, she took me to DC to see my very first Toadies concert and show me around the capital. While we were exploring the Vietnam Veterans memorial, it started POURING down on us. Just buckets and buckets! Although we had one small umbrella with us, it wasn't enough to save us from the elements, and we were drenched. One of my favorite pictures from that trip is one of us, under the umbrella, soaking wet and giggling.

It was a magical day.

Becky Farley said...

One of my most favorite days was a rainy one in DC. I determined to see all the site even though it was pouring :) And my boyfriend at the time (6 years ago) told me he loved me and kissed me out in the rain - it was awesome and stuck with me!

Eden Marie said...

you are seriously so adorable! :)

Kat said...

I have a dress exactly like that second one. I got it off ebay and love it! It is super comfy and so nice on. You should definately get one.

p.s I am a new reader. Just found you via the Colette Patterns group on flickr. Your parfait dress is awesome! I am making a purple cord version as the moment.

boatx2 said...

fabric store.
notion drawers.


I'm so sorry you weren't there to celebrate your mother's 50th! Time flies doesn't it? First they're big legs to our small toddler bodies and then the next thing you know, shhhhp, we're trying to explain what "face. book" is and they've hit the Big Middle. What did you give her to mark the momentous occasion? ^_^