Tuesday, February 16, 2010

from Russia with love.

Well almost.
I've been working on some more fabric nesting dolls, they were so fun to make, but I think the best part was picking their names. Meet, Zhanna, Anastasiya, Natalya and Renata.


I am kinda sad to let my new Russian friends go, but I am sure they will all find great homes. They are all up for sale in my Etsy shop, so head over to read about their favorite colors, hopes and dreams. 

We had another really warm, and beautiful day here today, it was in the 60's and I just couldn't justify staying inside studying and crafting, so I took the doggies for a long walk. I live across the street from the most adorable house ever, doesn't it just look like a real life ginger bread house?


Looks like spring is right around the corner! Otis and Cupcake were acting like weirdos today, they definitely look like they did something they weren't suppose to, and were crossing their paws I wouldn't find out what.


Cupcake had another check up on Saturday, and it is an ulcer after all. I noticed he is missing a chunk of his eyeball when I was in the waiting room, and he finally opened his eye. Yes, a chunk..missing. How horrible is that. So another week of never ending eye drops and medicine, and another check up on Thursday, hopefully he won't have to have surgery this time. Poor little monkey.
The medicine is making him super sleepy, and here he is sleeping on top of my clean clothes. Aww.


I finished up a few more pet portraits, I must say I love looking at the cute pictures you ladies email me of your pets, it never gets old, I swear. It is also making me want another puppy, however, I feel like I should concentrate on getting Cupcake back to his old self. <3


How cute are they! :) 
I also wanted to show you some rather embarrassing pictures of what I woke up to this morning. I am usually pretty good about cleaning up after myself since I don't have my own craft room anymore, and craft in the living room. Yikes. Lucky for me Josh finally got a job, and  I think he was too tired to notice when he got up this morning,


Looks like a tornado hit, huh? Hopefully sometime soon I'll have my own space to craft and be messy :)
I hope you all had a wonderful day <3



Tamara said...

Oh My Gosh - those Babushkas/Matryoshkas are so cute!! I just bought one for my daughters birthday (although I am secretly hoping that she says I can have it!) :)


Christine said...

ÅÅÅH! jeg vil ha ALLE sammen! skulle ønske jeg var rik sånn at jeg hadde råd til dem :P

du er så fliiiink :D

elsker deg <3

Lisa said...

Hi, I've just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! You are so incredibly talented! The matryoshka are beautiful, and your puppies are adorable. I'll definitely be stopping by again.

Holly said...

Love the nesting dolls. I collect different nesting dolls (or rather nesting dolls in different forms) and I'm definately going to check yours out. :) Thanks!

susannahbean said...

Poor Cupcake!! I hope he feels better soon.

My craft area is in the living room too. Unfortunately for me, we have a whole room dedicated to rafts, but I can't use it because Chris's stuff is so big (drums, easels, boxes upon boxes of paints and canvases). So I get the living room, and it pretty much looks like your pictures all the time. Lots of yarn + tiny apartment = constant mess.

Congratulations to Josh for finding work!!


Jodie said...

aw poor cupcake.
I hope he gets better really soon.
love the dolls but u know that already :)

Toshimi said...

I'd been doing my crafting in the living room too, and I got so fed up with the mess that I spent nearly a week to completely organize my craft space.

dani said...

Poor cupcake. get well soon poquito amigo!

Your craft area still looks neat compared so some (um, mine, for one!)

Charis said...

Silje those Russian dolls are so beautiful!

Whitney Josephine said...

Oh no, your poor Cupcake! He's such a trooper!

PaperCameraScissor said...

Oh my gosh your poor little baby. I can't believe that. Poor poor Cupcake. ((hugs)) to you and to cupcake.

Loving those dolls!!

Anonymous said...

I sent you an e-mail about a pet portrait!

Poor puppy, he's lucky he has such a loving and caring family to take care of him 24/7!

emalie said...

those fabric russian dolls are genius!

that house is amazing, wish it was mine!

i feel so bad for cupcake, my eyes want to water when i look at his pictures like i can feel his pain. poor little guy.

Michelle said...

he he...my craft room is in my living room too, and it always looks like a tornado tore through! lol. :) And your nesting dolls are soooo sweet! Love them to bits!

I hope cupcake is feeling better!! (sigh). Poor little one.

Stacey B said...

Poor Cupcake! Thanks so much for the Whisky picture. I have it framed and ready to hang in the babies room!