Tuesday, February 9, 2010

oh Cupcake.

I'm just stopping by real quick to share an update on how Cupcake is doing and some cute pictures from my craft area.

We just got back from the vet, no ulcer this time (yay!), his eyes are infected though, and poor little Cupcake is back on eye drops, pain killers, and is having to wear an E collar. aww. We're going back on Saturday for more tests, to try to find out what caused it this time. Wish my little man good luck <3

I'm spending the week studying, it's going better than I though, and I am forever thankful for the great tips you guys left in my previous posts!

These are only some of the papers I have to read and memorize.

I'm so incredibly tired today, I've been wanting to go back to sleep ever since I got out of bed this morning. I think I am just mentally drained, worrying about Cupcake, stressing about this test, and not getting enough sleep.

Anyways, I just wanted to share some cuteness from my craft area. Bright, fun and happy colors :)

If you missed my earlier post, and want to know more about my tattoos, head over to Danielles blog for tattoo Tuesday.



emalie said...

aww poor thing. i wonder what is causing it? i hope he feels better quickly! :(

Becky Farley said...

Poor pup!!! I hope he gets better fast!!
Good luck to you on your test!
Your craft area is so colorful! I love it! :)

onelatenight said...

Oh Cupcake!!
I'm glad you found out that it's not an ulcer! I hope at your next appt they are able to pin point what might be causing the infection.

My thoughts are with you!!

I'm sure you'll do great on your exam!! Just take some time, tea and window light and read away :)

susannahbean said...

Poor puppy! I hope he gets better soon!

Love the changes you've made on your blog, too!


Anonymous said...

//First time post, -kinda- long time reader//

Cupcake is gorgeous as is his owner! I hope he gets better soon. & good luck with your studying! I'd give you advice but I'm really bad at it, especially something you're not interested but kinda have to do it. Do, though, drink a cup of tea before bedtime, to relax you & keep you off stressing :)

I still want to know about your tattoos. I'd like a few or a lot but don't think I'm the tattoo type :/ Just love your colors!


Emilie Lynne said...

I'm super stressing about my pharmacy exam, so I feel your pain!! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you, I know you will do fine :)

Get well soon, Cupcake!!

Lilly Panic said...

hey silje, thank you so much for your comment on my blog, that really made my day! I really adore your art and your style, your colors are always beautiful! By the way, do you know a good online store where to buy stuff for crafting? I must say, here in Germany people do not seem to be so creative and crafty and I always like trying out new things, so if you know something that yould be great!
Hugs and all the best for your little boy! Lilly

Rachel M said...

I hope he makes a speedy recovery, the poor little guy!

Anette S said...

Litt farger hjelper alltid!
Lykke til på prøven og god bedring til Cupcake!

Marie said...

hvor ser det bare hyggeligt ud ved din scrappe plads :)
håber cupcake kommer sig snart.

Jodie said...

aw i do hope cupcake gets better soon, how is he with that collar?
my girls got them after their operation last month, and came home in it, it lasted maybe 5 minutes before we had to take it off, they were skitzing out, poor things lol.

goodluck on the study, i bet you will fit right in at that gorgeous tattoo studio :)

tiphaniefaith said...

Poor cupcake! I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

abby - the geek girl said...

Hello, I found your blog randomly... but I have to say I have quickly become a fan. Your photos, designs and tattoos are so inspiring I just want to hang out here forever!! :)

Jenn said...

I gotta say- I don't know of any other pup who looks as cute as Cupcake does in one of those E collars. Hope he recovers soon.

PS- I adore your new blog layout!

Anonymous said...

Positive thoughts and energy going your way. Hope cupcake gets better very soon!!

PaperCameraScissor said...

Speedy recovery to Cupcake!
Love the little peeks of your space. tfs!