Sunday, February 7, 2010

thank you.

I am really thankful for all your sweet comments, I must say I feel a lot better knowing that I am not the only one who checks on my little dog, and that I am definitely not going crazy.

Cupcake is still having some eye issues, so I think I will have to take him to the vet this week. Fingers crossed it's nothing bad this time around. Last time he had an ulcer on his cornea, and it was so heartbreaking seeing him in that much pain. Poor little Cuppy.

Just wanted to share some funny pictures of what my little Cupcake does best. Oh yes, he is the best catcher of some serious Z's.

I have some serious studying to do the next coming weeks, the plan is to take a test at the end of the month, if I pass, I get licensed to tattoo in the state of Oregon. Fingers crossed!
I have about a 1000 pages to read, and none of it is really interesting.
I've always had a hard time concentrating, which makes studying really hard.
Any advice or tips?

If everything goes as planned, I will be working at Icon tattoo. How CUTE is this place?

(all pictures by Leah Verwey.)

So if you live in the Portland area, or want to travel for a tattoo, contact me, , and maybe we can work something out! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday, who was watching the superbowl, and who wasn't?



Dana said...

awww poor little cupcake. My little girl Bella gets ulcers too. I think their buggy eyes just get scratched really easily.

susannahbean said...

The pictures of Cupcake on his back are adorable and hilarious!!

Good luck with your test! That shop looks amazing!! I'd love to have a Silje tattoo! Maybe when I'm a little less broke... ha!!


Sarah said...

That doesn't look like any shop I've been too - it looks like a cute little boutique. Pretty cool!

kirkland said...

That is the most amazing shop I have ever seen! totally different than anything we have here in Syracuse! Good luck!

Betty said...

Cupcake is adorable. I love watching my dog sleep too haha

That tattoo shop looks awesome.

Wendy said...

Beautiful shop! I'd totally get tattooed there....if my husband didn't do my tattoos. And if I didn't live 2000 miles away.


mrs.adrienneK said...

i hope cupcake is ok :)
that shop looks AMAZING!!! makes me wanna go to portland just to see it !!!

Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...

awww those cupcake pictures are so cute ^_^
I hope he can feell better as soon as possible :(
i didn't watch the superbowl 'cause I HATE football

Jenn said...

That tattoo parlor looks almost spa like... it says "Come in. Relax. Drink some hot tea while we create beautiful art on your body." I definitely want to go there. Maybe when I return stateside?

Good luck on your test! Wish I could give you words of wisdom, but alas, I'm awful at studying.

Toshimi said...

those pics of cupcake are adorable! i like to take pics of my cat sleeping, because that's what he does best too! good luck getting your license!

Celina said...

Aww poor Cupcake! I hope he gets better soon.

That tattoo shop has got to be the cutest I've ever seen. I would love to come get a tattoo by you, but I live in Southern California. Don't think I'll be visiting Portland anytime soon either. /:

Amy said...

I'm dyslexic and ADD so I know how hard itis to concentrate! Here are a few tips that have helped me:
1) set a timer and read for a comfortable amount of time - like 20 min, 30, or even an hour if you can. You my even try to do it a few times throughout the day. Keep a log of how much you read each time too. THat log will help motivate you to do more. (same is true for exercising!)
Good luck!
Also, when you take your dog back to the vet, tell them a little bit about your fears - they can reassure you about his help and the likelyhood that he will just "leave" in any nap.

Kristin Ryan said...

Oh! That's so exciting! I'm with you on the not being able to concentrate while studying (like I should be doing right now). Break up the pages into groups that you have to do and make sure to take breaks often to let your head take a break and have a chance to soak up what it just took in. Also, I heard eating things with cinnamon helps stimulate the brain, but I think that's a lie because I definately failed my biology quiz last week. :) That's so exciting though that you'll be able to tattoo in Oregon. So excited for you. And poor Cupcake. I wish the adorable little guy wasn't in pain.

emalie said...

aw poor cupcake! also i can totally relate to the previous post. ofcourse! that shop is so pretty. if i ever make it to portland i'm so going to get a tattoo!

Trine said...

that tattoo shop looks so amazing...sigh...wish i´d live over there...;-)
btw, i´d love to know, when did you started tattooing, how did you learn, how much experience do you already had when you got your first "real" job? I´m curious cause i´m currently thinking of buying a machine and try...;-)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

aww. he seriously is soooo adorable. hope he feels better!
and youre right, that shop is beautiful!!! love it

Brie said...

The sweaters you've knit for Cupcake are SO SO cute!! He's freaking adorable, too... I want to eat his little ears.

I think you're great Silje!

Anette S said...

Å lese til eksamen er ikke moro! Men det er jo egentlig veldig bra at man må ta en slik prøve for å få være tattovør. Det er jo egentlig et stort ansvar man sitter med i hendene på jobb!

Mitt lesetips er at du leser et kapittel av gangen og skriver ned ca en halv side oppsummering etter hvert kapittel. Bare ta med det aller viktigste! Fungerer godt for meg etter 7 år som student :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

Poor little Cupcake. I hope your little baby gets back to feeling better.

Good luck on your test!